Hire Guides and Porters in Lukla

June 10, 2024

Hire Guides and Porters in Lukla

If you are planning an adventurous trek in the stunning Himalayas, at the lap of mighty Mt. Everest, it’s a must-do thing to hire guides and porters in Lukla. The Everest Region Trek is full of challenges, including high-altitude locations, extreme weather conditions, and the risk of altitude sickness.

During this journey, trekkers may face the hardship of remote and rugged paths and diversified topography, which requires great physical and mental endurance. Extreme weather also contributes to the problem, as there are constant changes from temperatures of lower altitudes to those of higher elevations.

To tackle all this, you must hire guides and porters in Lukla since they are the ones who know how to tackle all the problems related to Everest Trek.

Why should I hire guides and porters in Lukla? This might be the question for many of you; however, qualified guides and reliable porters can significantly enhance the journey through the Everest Region, offering valuable support and expertise.

Blue Lake Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. provides seasoned guides with in-depth knowledge of the local terrain, ensuring safe passage through challenging trails and sharing cultural insights. With their assistance, trekkers will hike through amazing landscapes, from lush forests to cliffs with a view of snow-capped peaks.

With the help of guides and porters, each step is enriched by support, local insights, and shared experiences. As a result, this trek becomes an opportunity to explore, experience, and embrace the magic of the Everest Region with a team committed to turning trekking aspirations into a reality.

Porters Hire in Lukla | Why to Choose Blue Lake Tours & Travels?

Hiring porters when planning a trek in the Everest region is very important. It makes the experience beautiful, safe, culturally rich, and logistically supported. Lukla is a point of departure for treks in this area, and hiring porters is crucial as they will shade off your physical burden throughout the trek.

Here are more reasons why you should choose Blue Lake Tours & Travels to hire a porter from Lukla:

Carrying Gears & Setting Up Camps

Porters are an integral part of trekking in the Everest region. They carry heavy gear, equipment, and supplies, which surely lightens the load of the trekkers and allows them to enjoy the trek.

In addition, the porters help the travelers lighten the load and conserve energy. They also contribute to safety and health during travel.

Moreover, the porters are mainly responsible for setting up the camping site, which involves pitching tents, arranging sleeping quarters, and assembling cooking areas. These tasks ensure trekkers have a safe and comfortable place to relax and recuperate after every day of trekking, thus improving the overall camping experience.

Local Expertise & Knowledge

When you choose Blue Lake Tours & Travels to hire porters from Lukla, you can expect a knowledgeable companion. Porters are available on demand, and mountain experts give hikers insightful advice.

They know the area well, including the trails and weather conditions so that the journey will be smoother and safer.

They are very good at managing the equipment, understanding the specific needs of trekkers, and offering support in different aspects of the trek, making them an integral part of the trekking experience.

Provide Cultural Insight

Hiring a porter will improve the trekking experience, as you will learn many interesting facts about the region’s culture, traditions, and history. Local porters from Lukla are the ultimate source of information about the area’s history; hence, they can help visitors acquire information about the region.

They can play a vital role in enabling relationships with the local community, providing elaborate explanations about the most important landmarks, and providing a great ground for cultural exchange. This, in turn, promotes the overall experience, and the trekkers will have a deep knowledge and appreciation for the cultural texture of the trek.

Why Hire Guides in Lukla from Blue Lake Tours & Travels?

The trek to Everest is no ordinary challenge. It requires careful planning, persistence, and dependable backing. Employing guides in Lukla through Blue Lake Tours & Travels is one of the best things you could do, making your trekking journey enjoyable and worthwhile.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Blue Lake Tours and Travels for hiring guides in Lukla:

Safety and Local Expertise

Lukla is the starting point of all the Everest-based treks, including Everest Base Camp, Three High Passes, and Gokyo Lake Trek. If you are aware of the region, it comprises numerous challenges such as high altitude, altitude sickness, unpredictable weather, and remote trails.

Hiring guides and porters in Lukla will give you a space to navigate safely. Having a native guide from Lukla ensures you have someone well-versed in the topography, climate, and safety norms during your trek. Guides from Blue Lake Tours & Travels are experts in the terrains of the Everest Region who can ensure your safe and enjoyable trek.

Moreover, our guides are fluent in English and other native languages, helping you understand people and their lifestyles throughout the trek. With their expertise, your cultural immersion and trekking experience will be seamless.

Whether you are looking for an aided trek in terms of physical, landscape, or emotional support, our team can help you ensure all your expectations are met.

Logistical Convenience

Reaching Everest Base Camp involves several logistics that could be challenging. Through Blue Lake Tours & Travels’ guide service, all your logistics, such as transportation, accommodation, and permits,.

The Tourism Board of Nepal does not allow permits for independent trekkers, as solo trekking has been banned for over a year. You must have certified guides on your team to acquire permits like Sagarmatha National Park Entry and Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Municipality Permits.

Overall, hiking will be more enjoyable as it will no longer involve solving logistical problems.

Cultural Insight and Personalized Experience

Traveling with a local guide from Lukla is a more exciting trekking experience as they offer cultural insights about the entire region.

Blue Lake Tours & Travels guides are well-known for their friendly and helpful approach. They are ready to share stories and information about their culture, tradition, and history.

They can also tailor-make your hike to match your pace and interests, giving you a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Hire Guides and Porters in Lukla Cost Included

If you hire guides and porters in Lukla, you must also be prepared to allocate a budget for their service. The cost of their service depends upon various circumstances, but on average, porters charge you anywhere from $20 to $30 per day.

Similarly, the cost of hiring guides will range from $20 to $40 per day, which is flexible and negotiable.
Besides, it is important to know some factors affecting your budget to hire guides and porters in Lukla.

Factors Affecting the Cost

The longer the trek, the higher the expense of hiring guides and porters. The fees are proportional to the duration of the hike. For example, if you want a 14-day EBC Trek rather than a 7-day package, the 14-day package will cost you more.

The price of hiring guides and porters in Lukla is affected by many factors. First and foremost, the season has a significant impact on the cost. The spring and autumn seasons are peak seasons, attracting more visitors who will pay more for good weather.

Due to this, high traffic on the trail and tea houses will make it challenging to secure your logistics. Not only that, it also diminishes the chances of getting guides and porters for your journey. So the price will be high in these seasons.

Group size may also be a factor in the cost fluctuation. A large group size has a chance for a lower rate per person than a small one. On top of that, your ability to bargain with the guide and porter is also a contributing factor to the final cost.

Besides, transportation costs to Lukla from Kathmandu or a multi-day trek from the nearest access point, like Jiri, can be significant. Considering these factors gives trekkers a chance to calculate costs connected with hiring guides and porters for their expedition, which begins in Lukla.

Are you already in Kathmandu? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Nepal is a marvelous country with hundreds of trekking destinations calling adventurers from worldwide. But going on a remote trek requires proper guidance and support, which can be achieved by hiring guides and porters in Lukla with us.

Blue Lake Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd., located conveniently in Thamel, Kathmandu, offers a hassle-free service at a reasonable cost for hiring guides and porters. You don’t have to worry about cost, logistics, or other legal formalities, as our officials will help you throughout the process. Here is why you should choose Blue Lake Tours & Travels to hire guides and porters in Lukla:

  • Years of Expertise: Blue Lake Tours & Travels has a team of seasoned professionals who have worked in trekking and tourism for years. Our guides and porters are well-versed in the trekking routes of the Everest region, making them the best choice for hiring guides and porters in Lukla. Safety protocols and cultural nuances are also some of the features they are well adapted to and acknowledge.
  • Local Insight: Our guides and porters are locals who have a deep understanding and knowledge of Everest’s terrain, ensuring a smooth and safe journey for our clients. They can also provide valuable insights into the Everest region’s culture, history, and natural wonders, enhancing your overall experience.
  • Customized Services: Blue Lake Tours & Travels offers customizable services to meet your specific needs and preferences while you are looking for a trek to Everest Base Camp or any other package. Whether you are traveling in a small group or a large one, we accommodate all kinds of adventures based on your trekking expectations.
  • Competitive Pricing: It is one of the most exciting components of Blue Lake Tours & Travels because we know that budget-friendly options should be available for all without compromising the quality. Blue Lake Tours & Travels provides competitive rates for our guides and porters’ services, enabling you to make the most of your adventure with a friendly budget. The total cost covers logistics, food, and primary trekking services excluding international airfares, insurance, and emergency evacuation.

How do you hire guides and porters in Lukla from Blue Lake Tours & Travels?

Blue Lake Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best companies to choose to hire guides and porters in Lukla. If you are looking forward to booking Everest Trekking packages with us, you can follow the following process, which should not be confusing:

  • Contact Us: If you are already in Kathmandu and looking for a trusted and reliable trekking company, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Manahari Dahal Managing Director of Blue Lake Travels and Tours Pvt.Ltd at +977 9851076943. We are happy to provide you with our amenities, assist you in the trek, and hire the right guide and porter in Lukla for your adventure.
  • Discuss Your Requirements: Share your itinerary, preferences, and special considerations with our team. Whether you need an experienced guide for high-altitude treks or a porter to carry your gear, we’ll ensure your needs are met.
  • Confirmation: Once you finalize the bookings, we will also set up a confirmation meeting, where you can meet and greet your designated guides and porters. We’ll provide you with a confirmation and any additional information you may need for your trek.
  • Enjoy Your Adventure: With Blue Lake Tours & Travels by your side, you can confidently enjoy your trek. Remember that you have a reliable support team guiding you every step of the way. Our guides and porters are always ready to provide seamless support throughout your trek.

If you need a smooth hiring process and expert advice for your trekking trip in Nepal, look no further than Blue Lake Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. With a seasoned team, local knowledge, and the passion to deliver the best service, consider us your reliable partner in your breathtaking Himalayan journey.

Contact us at +977-9851076943, and let us help convert your travel imagination into reality!

If you hire a guide and porter in Kathmandu, Blue Lake Tours & Travels is your right representative, ensuring you experience everything that no other can offer.

How do I hire guides and porters in Lukla?

The first thing to do when you want to trek in the Himalayas, especially in the Everest region, is to find guides and porters. This is because a guide with knowledge and experience is the reason you will have a successful trip.

Whether you’re a professional hiker or a beginner, hiring a local expert to guide you through the remote terrain and high altitudes will help you overcome challenges that may be impossible to conquer for you.

Lukla, the starting point of any Everest region trek, is where you must hire a competent guide to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience.

Luckily, you do not need to worry about finding a guide in Lukla, as Blue Lake Tours & Travels will make all the arrangements for you. Specialized in Himalayan adventures, Blue Lake Tours & Travels offers a team of guides and porters who are well-adapted to your expectations.

The company handles all the paperwork, such as permits, and provides you with experienced guides/porters.

To hire guides and porters in Lukla through Blue Lake Tours & Travels, first submit your application; then, you can contact them via phone or email. Our staff is always available to help you with any questions or problems regarding the booking process.

After the confirmation, our guide will arrive at Lukla Airport to pick you up, so there won’t be any hassle during the process.

How heavy is the baggage carried by porters?

Porters are vital for carrying equipment during the Everest region trek. However, each porter can carry a maximum weight of only 25 kg. So, if your load exceeds 25 kg, you must hire two porters for the service. If your weight is too low, you should share one porter between two trekkers.

Employing porters has a few advantages. Lighter backpacks allow trekkers to relax and admire the incredible mountain views, rather than worrying about excessive weight. This improves the trekking experience and reduces the risk of fatigue and injuries.

Besides, the porters’ main job is to carry the luggage. Still, their employment represents a mutually beneficial relationship between the trekking tourists and the local communities, not only for your enjoyable trekking experience but also for your contribution to the local economy, which is one of the best things about hiring porters in Lukla.

Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Fly to Lukla by flight and Trek to Phakding

  • Location: Lukla
  • Lukla Altitude: 2,860 Meters
  • Trek Time: 3-4 Hours

On day one of our Everest Base Camp Hike, we will start by flying from Kathmandu to Lukla. We will land at the Lukla Airport, popularly called Tenzing Norgay Sherpa Airport, at 2,860 meters above sea level. The trip lasts 45 minutes, with a departure from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, and we will fly, enjoying panoramic views of the ancient towns, villages, and the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the north.

When we get to Lukla Airport, we will take a break and recharge before we reach our next destination. Blue Lake Tours & Travels officials will pick us up there, and our journey to Phakding will begin. Phakding is a 3—to 4-hour walk from Lukla at 2,610 meters above sea level. During this exciting journey, we will visit ancient Buddhist communities such as Chheplung and Nurning.

The route to Phakding diverts away from Bhote Koshi River, and at the end of the day, we reach a tea house where we can stay for the night and prepare ourselves for the experiences that the day has in store.

Day 02: Trek to Namche Bazar

  • Location: Namche Bazaar
  • Namche Bazaar Altitude: 3430 Meters
  • Trek Time: 5–6 Hours

We will continue with the trek to Namche Bazaar, also called The Gateway to Mount Everest, at 3,430 meters above sea level. It is about a 5- to 6-hour walk from Phakding village.

Namche Bazaar, a traditional town in the Everest Region, is famed for its rich Sherpa Culture and amazing views of Mount Everest, Ama Dablam, and Lhotse. To get to Namche, we hike the path from Phakding, stopping by Bengkar Village and Monjo Village. In Monjo, we can apply for the trekking permit for the Everest Base Camp Trek if we do not have it in Kathmandu.

From Monjo, we will walk through Jorsalle and Larja Dobhan before reaching Namche Bazaar.

Day 03: Acclimatization day in Namche

This day’s topic is hiking and acclimatizing. We are 3430 meters above sea level, and our bodies must adapt to the high altitude. The long and exhausting walk from Lukla to Namche Bazaar makes clear the need for acclimatization to replenish the energy and stamina we have lost.

Trekkers must consider hiking gradually (hiking high and sleeping low), drinking a lot of water, eating a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and getting enough rest and sleep. Some even consider the use of medication such as Diamox to prevent altitude sickness.

Day 04: Trek to Tengboche

  • Location: Tengboche
  • Tengboche Altitude: 3,860 Meters
  • Trek Time: 5–6 Hours

On the fourth day of the Everest Base Camp trek, we will hike to Tengboche, at an altitude of 3860 meters above sea level. This phase, which lasts about 5 to 6 hours, begins in Namche Bazaar and then continues through the forests along the Bhote Koshi River trail.

We will pass through Phunke Tenga village, enjoying the scenery of Mount Everest, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, and the distant green hills. After about 1.5 hours of trekking, we will reach the village of Phunke Tenga, and then it will take another 2 to 3 hours to reach Tengboche.

Tengboche is the name of the very first monastery, Tengboche Monastery, founded in 1916 by Lama Gulu. It is the largest gompa in the Everest region. The hike through Namche village to Tengboche on the fourth day provides a great chance to cherish the culture of the Everest region.

Day 05: Trek to Dingbuche

  • Location: Dingbuche
  • Dingbuche Altitude: 4360 Meters
  • Trek Time: 5–6 Hours

A hike from Tengboche to Dingboche usually takes 5–6 hours. It involves walking through remote and challenging trails with views of breathtaking mountain peaks. The day starts with breakfast in Tengboche, after which we walk through the Imja Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in Nepal.

After a few hours of walking, the path reaches Deboche, where an old monastery reflects the significance of ancient Tibetan Buddhism. The trek leaves Deboche behind, and Dingbuche becomes the next destination. It takes approximately an hour and a half to get there. Tonight, we will stay at a tea house.

Day 06: Acclimatization at Dingbuche

Acclimatization at Dingboche, 4360 meters above sea level, is necessary since the high altitude can cause challenges, including thin air, low oxygen levels, and high air pressure. Moreover, the low oxygen in the air makes breathing more difficult. It might even cause Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High-Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE), and High-Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE).

Acclimating is essential to fighting the effects of high altitude. This includes enough rest, sleep, hydration, and food intake. In addition to acclimatizing at Dingboche, you can explore the nearby places.

Day 07: Trek to Lobuche

  • Location: Lobuche
  • Lobuche Altitude: 4940 Meters
  • Trek Time: 5–6 Hours

On the 7th day of the EBC Trek, the route takes us from Dingboche to Lobuche, passing Dughla Pass and Thokla Pass. The hike usually lasts 5 to 6 hours, and we will reach an elevation of 4940 meters above sea level. The stress of the hike will tell us why we should hire guides and porters in Lukla since we will need a lot of guidance and instructions.

After starting our journey from Dingboche, we will take the left trail up to Dughla at 4620 meters altitude. We will get to Thokla Pass, 4830 meters above sea level, with strong winds. So, trekkers must be equipped with windproof and insulating clothes. The Thokla Pass-to-Lobuche journey can be completed in around one and a half hours. Tonight, we will stay at a tea house.

Day 08: Trek to Everest Base Camp+ Gorakshep

  • Location: Everest Base Camp
  • Everest Base Camp Altitude: 5364 Meters
  • Trek Time: 7-8 Hours

On the eighth day of the Everest Base Camp Trek, we will reach Everest Base Camp at 5,364 meters sea level. Starting early in the morning, we will hike for 7 to 8 hours until the base camp and then retrace to Gorakshep for the overnight stay.

The first part of the hike includes a hike from Lobuche to Everest Base Camp, passing Khumbu Glacier. As the trekkers continue to Gorakshep, they must cross Lobuche Pass, 5110 meters above sea level. In the meantime, we will be accompanied by views of Mount Everest and Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Cho Oyu, Island Peak, and Nuptse.
After reaching and exploring Everest Base Camp, we will head back to Gorakshep.

Day 09: Trek to Kalapathar and Pheriche Overnight

  • Location: Kalapatthar
  • Kalapatthar Altitude: 5644 Meters
  • Trek Time: 7-8 Hours

Kalapatthar is a must-visit place during the Everest Base Camp Trek. Situated at 5644 meters above sea level, it is known as the world’s highest webcam, offering views of the stunning peaks of the Mahalangur Mountain Range.
The best way to enjoy the scenery of Kalapatthar is to start the hike early in the morning for sunrise.
After a detailed exploration of Kala Patthar, we will retrace our journey towards Pheriche.

Day 10: Trek to Monjo

  • Location: Manjo
  • Manjo Altitude: 2835 Meters
  • Trek Time: 6-7 Hours

Today’s trip will take us from Pheriche (4445 meters) to Monjo (2835 meters). This descent from Pheriche to Manjo is a long one, taking about 6 to 7 hours. Yet, it is refreshing, with views of the Himalayas and a touch of Sherpa and Buddhist culture.

The trail takes us through the Buddhist villages of Pangboche, Tengboche, and Namche Bazaar. After around one or two hours of hike, we will ultimately arrive at Manjo and stay overnight at a cozy tea house.

Day 11: Trek to Lukla, Overnight

  • Location: Lukla
  • Lukla Altitude: 2860 Meters
  • Trek Time: 6-7 Hours

The eleventh day of the Everest Base Camp hike will be the last as we will reach Lukla, passing through Phakding, Nurning, and Chheplung Village. The trail passes through rocky terrain, so hiking boots with firm soles are needed to prevent slips and falls.

After an approximately 6-7-hour hike from Monjo, we will reach Lukla. We will stay overnight and rest in a teahouse or guest house.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hire guides and porters in Lukla?

You can hire guides and porters in Lukla by contacting Blue Lake Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. in Thamel, Kathmandu. After that, we will arrange the settings and our guides will pick you up in Lukla.

What qualifications should I look for in a guide?

It is recommended that you look for guides certified by the Nepal Mountaineering Association who have experience trekking in the Himalayas. Good communication skills and knowledge of the region are also very important.

What are the typical rates for hiring guides and porters in Lukla?

Rates vary depending on the trekking season, duration, and services provided. On average, expect to pay around $20 to $23 per day for a porter and $25 to $35 per day for a guide.

Are guides and porters responsible for carrying their gear?

Yes, guides and porters carry their gear, including personal belongings and equipment necessary for the trek.

Are guides and porters provided with accommodation and meals during the trek?

If you book with trekking package guides and porters are typically provided with accommodation and meals by Blue Lake Tours & Travels during the trek.

What should I do if I encounter any issues with my guide or porter during the trek?

If you encounter any issues or concerns during the trek, communicate them directly with your guide or our agency in Thamel, Kathmandu. Most problems can be resolved through open discussion. If necessary, seek assistance from us.

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