Blue Lake Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd is a company based in Thamel, Kathmandu, which offers customers adventure tours and travel services. 

Booking Policy

  • The advance booking should be done, 48 hours before the tour commences,
  • For the fixed reservation,50% of the total amount should be paid and transferred,
  • The remaining amount should be paid on the day of commencing the tour
  • For a smooth and effective booking procedure, you may write to us at:


WhatsApp/Viber: +977-989851076943

Cancellation Policy

For the cancellation of the reserved tour/trekking packages, you need to have a genuine reason. The customer should send us the written format and disclose the tour through our official Email.

While going through your written mail, the company will look after the cancellation application and may charge a certain amount of cash as an application charge.

The fully paid customer will get a 100% of refund if he/she informs the company before the 48 hours of the Tour.

Safety and Responsibility

Blue Lake Travels & Tours Pvt.Ltd takes full responsibility for the trekkers/visitors during your trip in the mountains or within the city area. The visitors/trekkers need to follow the guidelines of our field guides and instructors very strictly during the trip.

As we follow safety our first priority to all our visitors from the different destinations. So, we make sure that all our field staff are well experienced and have deep knowledge of the weather change, terrains, and elevation of the high mountains.

You as the visitors should be in a disciplined way to follow the protocol of the staff members.

Health and Fitness

The visitors/trekkers should possess good physical fitness and mentality before commencing the Tour. The client should inform all about the health issues during the reservation of the trip. Well!! if failed then the client will be transferred back from the trip and no refund will be made.

Additionally, the client should take into consideration what affects the flow of the trip(trekking/tour) such as age, pregnancy, taking medications, and mental illness. Such factors affect the trip on a very large scale for all the fellow members. We as the company will make health and security the top property of the guest, but we only act as per the discussion we had during the booking procedure. So, the company won’t be able to provide such special treatment during the trip in the city or in the high mountains.


During your travel in the Himalayas in Nepal, the company(Blue Lake Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd) doesn’t cover the Travel Insurance of the customer. The client trekking and exploring the high altitude in the mountains should cover the travel insurance which includes all the emergency casualties.

While issuing the Travel Insurance, be sure that it covers all your emergency accidents such as death expenses, illness, fracture of the body parts, and emergency Heli rescue during your trekking in the Mountains.

Changes To Itinerary

The itinerary might change when there occurs a delay of domestic flights at the beginning of the trip and at the end of the trip. The weather in the high mountains is totally unpredictable. So, we want to make the mind make up to all our beloved guests about the different changes that might occur.

For the additional day charges as of the natural damage, flood, or delay of flights, all the additional charges need to be paid by the client themselves. All the costs of accommodation, transportation, and the guide charge will be applicable to the client.

Also, the Blue Lake Adventure will not be responsible for taking the burden of missing the international flights from your host country, Also we won’t be able to arrange all the planned trips on an immediate basis. So, in this situation as well the company will arrange the alternative trip taking a short duration of time.

Code Of Conduct

To all the visitors and our clients, Blue Lake Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd gets the suggestion that to respect the culture and the traditions of the local people, you travel and trek. The local people follow the different protocols and religions in Nepal.

While visiting /exploring the ancient temples and shrines within Nepal, consider wearing full clothes that cover your body from head to toe.

Also, while capturing the pictures and videos, consult with the guide or look for the symbol around you. Make sure you are all safe and sound from your side.

Give respect to the diverse cultures and traditions, as you may exchange the culture with the people of the destination where you travel in the mountains or in the City area.

Passport and Visa Requirements

All the required travel documents and visa requirements should be carried along with you during the trip to Nepal. The company will ask you to send the scanned copy of your passport details for the permit work to be done in advance of the trip.

Your details are more necessary for the reservations of the Hotels, transportation, and flights for smooth and effective travel in Nepal.

However, the Blue Lake Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd won’t be applicable in delays of trips as with the incomplete travel documents of the client.

Payments Methods

Pay by credit card/ Visa card/ Mastercard

For the ease of our client, you may pay the amount to the Blue Lake Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd through your credit card, Visa card or even the Master card.

Online Transfer/Bank To Bank Transfer

You may also transfer online through bank-to-bank transfer on our official account:

USD Dollar Account

Account Name:

Account Number:

Bank Name:

Swift Code:

Last Minute Booking

Blue Lake Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd mainly looks for the satisfaction and the comfort zone of our Guests. You may also book your trip with us at the very last minute as well. Whether you are joining the next group or willing to travel alone with our professional guides. For last-minute bookings, you may reach us via WhatsApp/Viber at +977-9851076943 or write to us by Email: at

Discount Provision

Blue Lake Adventure offers a discount provision to all travelers during the holiday and off-season periods. The company keeps on opening the discount provision on different periods of time for comfortable travel to the travelers.


The company has the full rights and authority to take pictures of the group during the trekking and tour in the mountains. And use the captured pictures for publicity, promotions, and the advertisement campaign.


However, the company takes the authority to ask for the information that is required to book the trip in advance and also to reserve the hotels and flights for a smooth trip. While we won’t be asking anything regarding the personal information of the client.