Trip Duration 4 Days
Group Size 1-30
Maximum Altitude 1400m
Difficulty Grade Easy
Start & End Point Kathmandu- Kathmandu
Best Seasons March-Jun, Sep- Dec

Janakpur Tour Highlights

  • The Janaki Mandir also known as the Janakpur Dham is the major attraction,
  • The Janaki Temple is dedicated to Goddess Sita-also the wife of Lord Ram and is the most famous Hindu Temple in Nepal
  • The Janakpur is also been believed as the birthplace of Goddess Sita
  • The Ram Janki Vivah Mandap is beautifully decorated and is widely visited by visitors and is believed that Lord Ram and Goddess Sita got Married here,
  • The Mithila Art of the Janakpur also attracts a huge number of tourists from around the globe,
  • Ram Sita Vivah Panchami is mostly grandly celebrated in Janakpur,
  • The visitors can taste and explore the local cuisine food and dishes of the Janakpur,
  • Visit/Explore the Jaleshwar Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, also Many disciples comes to get the Darshan

Janakpur Tour – Religious Tour in Nepal

Janakpur Tour immerses the visitors in the pilgrimage tour and also within the diverse culture and traditions of the local people. The Janakpur is known as the land of goddess Sita -the birthplace of Goddess Sita.

Exploring the Janaki Mandir temple of goddess Sita. You will feel amazed at the beautiful Janaki Mandir which is made with a unique style of architecture. The culturally rich place of Janakpur has a lot to offer. Where you will explore Lord Ram and Sita Vivah Manda-which is beautifully decorated with flowers and blissful lights.

The Janaki Mandir was built where the goddess Sita was born. Today, the Janaki Mandir is known as a UNESCO heritage site and welcomes a huge number of visitors within the Janakpur.

Janakpur is also more famous for its arts and culture. The Mithila art is more famous and is loved by many visitors. You may also learn more about the Mithila art during your Janakpur trip. Learning with the local people in Janakpur is the most good and valuable.

Taste and explore the local cuisine of Janakpur. The food and the sweet lassi are more popular over there. Along this, there are more cultural and historical sites around the Janakpur to explore.

Itinerary of Janakpur Tour

Firstly, welcome to Nepal!!Arriving at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. You will be welcomed by our office representatives and will be transferred to the Hotel at your own preference.

Then will check the procedure of the Hotel and you may have a rest for a few hours. While in the evening we will be heading to explore the Pashupatinath Temple-mainly dedicated to the Lord Shiva.

After getting the darshan of Pashupatinath temple, we will participate in an evening Aarati along the riverside of Bagmati River.

The Evening Aarti Program will be held for an hour and you may witness the Shiva Tanadav dance and the feelings during the program are different vibes.

Later on, after the completion of the Aarti, we will drive back to the Hotel and stay overnight.

Car 3 Hours
Accommodation Hotel
Meals None
Altitude 1400m

Today, we will have breakfast in a hotel in Kathmandu. We will commence our drive to the pilgrimage destination of Janakpur.

The drive from the capital city to Kathmandu takes roughly 8 -9 hours which is 226 KM in distance. Along the way to Janakpur, you will witness the beautiful panoramic views of the natural beauty and the white water rafting in Trishuli.

Also, the Manakamana Temple also lies on the way to Janakpur, the temple where all the wishes will be fulfilled. The Manakamana Temple is mostly dedicated to the goddess Bhagawati, the incarnation of Parvati.

Reaching Janakpur, we will check in the Hotel and will get fresh as Janakpur lies on the Terai belt of Nepal which will be very hot.

Looking after the time zone, we may also explore the nightlife in Janakpur as well, enjoy the local street dishes, explore the culture, etc. Overnight in a Hotel.

Car 8-9 Hours
Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast
Altitude 243m

On the third day, we will wake up early in the morning and explore the sunrise. As we witness the sunrise we will have our breakfast and get some leisure time.

After that, we will leave for our official sightseeing of the Janakpur Dham. We will start our Janakpur Tour by visiting the Janakpur Mandir-the Temple dedicated to the Goddess Sita. Janakpur is believed to be the birthplace of the goddess Sita.

The Janakpur(Janaki mandir) was built in the centuries. Along with you will witness the Ram Sita Vivah Mandap-the vivah mandap of the goddess Sita and lord Ram is fully decorated with flowers and lights.

The Ram Sita Panchami is celebrated very grandly in Janakpur. On this day the marriage ceremony of the Lord Ram and goddess Sita took place.

Huge devotees and the disciple visit Janakpur on this day. On the other hand, the Janakpur is more famous for its culture and the Mithila arts. You may explore and also learn more in-depth about their culture and the Mithila arts.
As we explore Janakpur, at the end of the day we will get back to the Hotel.

Car 3-4 Hours
Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast
Altitude 243m

The final day of the Janakpur Tour. After breakfast in the Hotel, we will drive towards the capital city Kathmandu from Janakpur.

Upon arriving in Kathmandu you will be transferred to the Hotel and have some rest to get fresh. Later evening you may explore Thamel City -buy some souvenirs for your loved and beloved ones. Overnight in a Hotel in Thamel.

Car 8-9 Hours
Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast
Altitude 1400m

Cost included in Janakpur Tour

What's Included?
  • All Transportation (Kathmandu -Janakpur- Kathmandu ) by Private Car
  • Kathmandu Sightseeing by Private Car
  • Janakpur Sightseeing by Private Car
  • 3-Star Hotel Kathmandu and Janakpur with Breakfast
  • All Nepal Government taxes and office expenses
  • Driver
  • Fuel
  • Farewell Dinner in Kathmandu
  • Airport drop
What's Excluded?
  • International Flights ticket
  • Nepal Entry visa fee
  • Visa Cost on Arrival in International Airport Kathmandu (15 Days, $ 25- $30 30Days – $40-50 and 90 days- $100-110)
  • Personal Expenses
  • Additional Costs like delays caused due to circumstances beyond our control, for example- itinerary modification, change of government policy, Strikes, illness landslide, etc

Accommodation during Janakpur Tour

During our Pilgrimage tour to Janakpur, Blue Lake Adventure Pvt Ltd will book the hotel, resort and guest house as per your own preference and the requirements during your stay in Janakpur.

During the Janakpur Tour, the accommodation varies from the different price ranges. While you may also get a budget-friendly hotel and resort as well. You will find the luxurious Hotel, Resort and budget-friendly Guest House and Hostel.

The Hotel and Resort are more luxurious while costing more and also provide you with the best possibility of the service range like the swimming pool, gym and laundry service.
The Guest House and the Hostel are budget friendly while it does not provide more services as compared to the luxurious Hotel and resort.

While the Janakpur is the pilgrimage tour also you may explore and taste the different foods and the local typical food of the Janakpur. The sweet lassi and the samosa as well as the script and sweet Tamura is the best-known dish in Janakpur.

Cultural Significance during Janakpur Tour

Janakpur is known as the pilgrimage tour to the Hindu religion all around the world. The Janaki Mandir is mainly dedicated to the Goddess Sita wife of Lord Ram. The Janakpur Dham is morley known as the birthplace of goddess Sita and also the place where Lord Ram and Goddess Sita‘s marriage ceremony was held.

As for the marriage ceremony King Janak held a Dhanus program the Dhanus which was gifted to the King via Lord Shiva. Many of the young people tried while the theory was unable to lift the Dhanus and the late lord Ram did it in one attempt.

Ram Sita Viavh Mandap is totally worshiped and visited by many visitors from different countries. While the Vivah Mandap is beautifully decorated with flowers and lightning.

During the festival of Ram Navami, Janakpur is the major destination for devotees to get the blessing and the darshan of lord Rama. Lord Ram is the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

There are lots more about the Janakpur Tour, and you will be given a full description of the history and the importance of the Janaki Temple.

Best Time for Janakpur Tour

Exploring Janakpur is the best option to travel all year in Nepal. while it all depends on the willingness power and time of the visitors visiting the Janakpur.The Janakpur lies on the Teri belt of Nepal near the Indian Border.

Blue Lake Adventure organizes the Janakpur all year. We recommend you know the weather and the different changes of seasons in Nepal while planning for a Janakpur trip.

On the other hand, the Spring and Autumn season is considered as the best time for the tourism season in Nepal. The Spring season falls in the months of March to May and Autumn season falls from September to November.

While traveling during these months there won’t be any rainfall and the weather will be cozy with the perfect environment to explore the different temples of Nepal. The mountains will be clearly visible and the temperature will be moderate, not cold or hot.

During the winter season in Nepal, which falls in the month of January to March. During the month you will get good weather with the sun’s rays all around during the day time. While morning and evening will be more cold so you need to wear good clothes. Explore each corner of the destination you are willing to travel to.

Janakpur Tour

Janakpur is mainly known for the Pilgrimage tour while the food tour is also best. Local food such as Lassi, sweet Taruwa, etc is known as the most famous and popular food.

The name Janakpur was derived in the ancient century King Jank used to rule the kingdom and later the Goddess Sita was born and the Temple as well as the destination is named Janakpur.

The Janakpur Tour will be of 3 nights and 4 days to complete

Yes, the flight option is also available from Kathmandu to Janakpur.

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