Trip Duration 5 Days
Group Size 1-18 (For Group)
Maximum Altitude 1350m
Difficulty Grade Easy
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Best Seasons All Season
725 US$ Per Person Group Discounts Available
1 pax. US$ 725
2-4 pax. US$ 465
5-8 pax. US$ 415
9-12 pax. US$ 395
13-15 pax. US$ 375
Over 16 pax. US$ 350

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour Highlights

  • Sightseeing on different UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu
  • Learn about different cultural values, traditional beliefs, and religious importance
  • Insights into the rich histories of Nepal while exploring the Durbar Squares
  • Engage in different religious and traditional activities like spinning prayer wheels, worshipping gods, etc.
  • Souviers shopping in Magal Bazaar and Thamel
  • Trying several local foods and Newari dishes
  • Tiring yet exciting road trip to Pokhara on a private car
  • Sunrise view from Sarangkot with several mountain ranges and Pokhara city
  • Exploring the streets of Pokhara
  • Evening refreshment walk on the Lakeside
  • Sightseeing different destinations in Pokhara with wonderful weather
  • Farewell dinner at Traditional Nepali Restaurant of Kathmandu

About Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

Are you looking for the best package for exploring the major cities of Nepal? Look no further because Blue Lake Adventure has a Kathmandu Pokhara Tour that can be covered within 4 days. The Kathmandu Pokhara Tour package takes you on an unforgettable journey through Nepal’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and rich history.

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour is one of the best tours in Nepal that can be done even when you have a few days left in Nepal. With this, you can make your final days in Nepal more memorable and exciting. Let’s go through what the Kathmandu Pokhara tour has to offer and details on booking with Blue Lake Adventure.

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour Overview

With just 5 days, you can explore and find yourself in between Nepal’s rich natural beauty, cultural heritage, and historical monuments. Kathmandu offers the home of tourism and is called the “City of Temples”. Kathmandu is one of the best places in Nepal to walk on the streets and enjoy the delightful roadside views.

On the other hand, Pokhara – The City of Lakes, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal. The weather and scenery of Pokhara City offer you the best experience of having tours in Nepal.

What to Expect from the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour?

You can have the best experience of the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour when you have few days left in Nepal but want to engage more with the environment. This 5 day Kathmandu Pokhara Tour offers you sightseeing of different UNESCO Heritages sites of Nepal in Kathmandu.

The heritage sites of Kathmandu enlisted in UNESCO hold an immersive beauty of Nepali architecture that gives an insight into Nepal’s history.

While walking and sightseeing different temples & heritage sites you will be able to learn more about Nepal and the lifestyle of locals. Furthermore, the biggest marketplace – Thamel has a lot of souvenirs and hand-made ornaments that promote Nepali culture.

Kathmandu Durbar Square – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kathmandu Durbar Square, enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 AD, is one of the three Durbar Square within Kathmandu Valley. Durbar Square also called the palace holds an important significance in preserving the Hindu and Buddhist cultures, and histories of Nepal.

The major attractions of Kathmandu Durbar Square are its Kumari Ghar, Krishna Mandir, Kasthamandap, and Statues/Sculptures, including festivals & ceremonies occurring on special days.

Kathmandu Durbar Square is also called the Hanuman Durbar Square. This historic palace is rich in culture, history, and architectural beauty. During your sightseeing of Durbar Square, you will be able to learn more about the attractions with an enchanting environment.

Pashupatinath Temple – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Among the 7 World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu, Pashupatinath Temple is one of them. The holiest temple, Pashupatinath is one of the major attractions for the Hindu community. It is situated on the bank of the holiest river Bagmati. The temple complex is not just a religious site but also a place of historical and cultural importance.

Although the main temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is prohibited from foreigners to have an entry, other several major attractions give an insight into Nepal’s rich cultural diversity.

The Bagmati River is well-known for ritual baths by devotees on special occasions to purify the soul and to show dedication toward Lord Shiva. Within the complex of Pashupatinath, you can find several attractions like Arya Ghat (Cremation place), monuments like shrines, chaityas (stupas), and Sadhus (Holy men).

During your exploration of Pashupatinath Temple, you will feel the essence of purity and spirituality which even fascinates the sightseeing. Together with its architectural beauty, Pashupatinath is a major attraction for people all around the world.

Swayambhunath – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Swaynambhunath stupa also called the Monkey Temple is one of the most iconic and revered religious sites of Kathmandu. It is a major attraction for both the Hindu and Buddhist communities. Located at the west hilltop of Kathmandu city, this Buddhist pilgrimage site is the oldest and holiest stupa in Nepal.

From Swayambhunath, you can have a beautiful panoramic view of Kathmandu Valley together with the Himalayan views. The large white stupa is the major attraction of the complex. The stupa is adorned with the all-seeing eyes called the “Buddha Eyes” or “Wisdom Eyes” which watch over the valley.

The complex is surrounded by prayer wheels and prayer flags that add beauty to the place. Also, you can engage in different ritual acts like spinning the prayer wheels clockwise and chanting mantras and prayers.

In addition to the main stupa, there are numerous shrines and smaller stupas within the complex. These include Hindu and Buddhist deities and represent the religious harmony of Nepal.

Boudhanath – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Boudhanath Stupa is one of the most sacred and religious sites of Nepal located in the northeastern outskirts of Kathmandu. It is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal and also one of the holiest stupas in Tibetan Buddhism.

It has a massive white stupa with a dome-shaped base and a towering spire on top making it visible around the place. The watchful eyes also called the Buddha Eyes are painted on all four sides and watched over all directions. In addition, the spire is crowned with a gilded pinnacle ‘Gajur’ which represents enlightenment.

The base of the stupa is designed as a mandala, which is a symbolic representation of Buddhist art and is used as a tool for meditation. The stupa is encircled with a large number of prayer wheels and is said to bring peace and prosperity when spun clockwise while reciting mantras.

Monasteries around the stupa attract different visitors and offer a vibrant center for Tibetan Buddhism. While exploring the numerous monasteries, you can have conversations with monks residing at the place to learn more about the Buddhist culture and practices.

Alongside the several major attractions, Boudhanath is a hub of different religious and cultural festivals. During the festive seasons of Nepal, you can engage yourself in different events like Lhosar (Tibetan New Year), Buddha Jayanti (Buddha’s birthday), etc.

Patan Durbar Square – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Patan Durbar Square is one of the three Durbar Squares of Kathmandu Valley that offers a historical significance of Nepal. The square served as the royal palace for the Malla Kings of Patan. This square is renowned for its Newari architecture, which includes intricately carved wooden windows, doorways, and columns.

The major attraction of the complex is the Patan Museum which is located nearby and holds an important significance to Nepal’s rich history. It has a huge collection of different sculptures, wood carvings, traditional arts, and paintings that offer an insight into the history and culture of Kathmandu Valley.

Other major attractions of the Patan Durbar Square are Krishna Mandir and Bhimsen Temple. The notable Krishna Mandir is dedicated to the Lord Krishna and showcases the Shikhara-style architecture.

Together with the different architectural buildings, temples, and statues, Patan Durbar Square also has Mangal Bazaar as a center of attraction. In this market area, you can find a wide range of traditional Newari handicrafts, jewelry, textiles, and souvenirs.

View from SarangKot

Located on the western side of Pokhara, Sarangkot is one of the popular tourist destinations. Sarangkot is popular for its beautiful sunrise and sunset views among different mountain ranges. From Sarangkot, you can have panoramic Himalayan views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu.

In addition to the delightful mountain views, you can also have a view of beautiful Pokhara city which makes the tour even more fascinating. Also, Sarangkot has been recently popular for different adventurous activities like paragliding, ziplining, etc.

Pokhara Sightseeing

Pokhara is one of the major tourist hubs where different foreigners from around the World visit to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery of Pokhara city. Pokhara is widely famous for sightseeing because of its favorable climate and temperature.

During the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour, you can enjoy sightseeing around Pokhara City and get yourself involved in Nepal’s natural beauty and cultural values.

Pokhara sightseeing involves visiting different lakes, temples, and World Peace Pagoda, and having a view of different mountain ranges. The weather, clear skies, and temperature of Pokhara make it an ideal destination to explore the major tourist destinations.

The major destinations of Pokhara sightseeing are Bindabasini Temple, Phewa Lake, World Peace Pagoda, Devi’s Fall, Gupteshwor Cave, International Museum, and Seti River. Throughout the sightseeing, you will be able to explore the natural beauty of Pokhara and the history of Nepal that has been passed over decades.

Why Blue Lake Adventure?

Blue Lake Adventure is one of the leading travel agencies in Nepal under the Government-registered company Blue Lake Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. With 15+ years of experience in the tourism field of Nepal, Blue Lake Adventure has organized several tours in Nepal.

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour is one of the best-selling tours by Blue Lake Adventure. With Blue Lake Adventure, you can enjoy exploring the major tourist destinations with the best services at affordable cost.

Experienced and Skilled Local Guides

Blue Lake Adventure has several experienced and skilled local guides for the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour. With the availability of local guides, you can further explore the tour more effectively by exploring the local places on the route.

The guides we offer have several qualities like a fluent conversation, well-known about the routes, friendliness, and respect. With our guides, we will have more travel companion vibes that will help you more better while having the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour.

Also, they are certified by the Nepal Government as tour guides by passing different training courses. So, you can trust Blue Lake Adventure as your travel agency for having a tour of Pokhara.

Private Tour

Kathmandu Pokhara private tour offers you a delightful experience of having a tour in the major cities of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu and Pokhara. Throughout this private tour, you will have the best quality services without worrying about any group joining.

Throughout the tour, you will have a private car to drive through several tour destinations. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction throughout the tour. With the private tour by Blue Lake Adventure, you will be able to customize itineraries by yourself considering the destinations you want to visit.

Skilled Driver & Best Transportation

During the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour, Blue Lake Adventure offers you an experienced and skilled diver to drive you to the required destination. With 5+ years of experience in driving on the route from Kathmandu to Pokhara, the driver is skilled enough to drive on the roadway.

In addition, the private car we offer is well-maintained by engine, super-comfortable seats that help you in a better trip. Also, during the trip you can have stops as to your preferences so you can enjoy the trip without finding any difficulties.

Furthermore, during the road trip to Pokhara from Kathmandu, we will have frequent stops at some of the popular destinations where you can enjoy taking photographs and enjoying the environment.

Itinerary of Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

We will have our tour started by sightseeing in Kathmandu today. Early in the morning after having breakfast (Buffet Set), we will approach our private car in order to reach the destinations for sightseeing.

First, we will head to Kathmandu Durbar Square which nearby to Thamel. It generally takes around 10 minutes to reach but because of traffic, certain delays may occur. On reaching Kathmandu Durbar Square, one of the UNESCO World Heritage in Kathmandu, we will explore the major attractions of the palace.

During the exploration, our skilled guide will help you to understand more and also will help you communicate with the local people. After finally exploring Durbar Square for about an hour we will then head to Swayambhunath.

It generally takes around 15 minutes of car drive to reach Swayambhunath from Kathmandu Durbar Square. Swayambhunath, being one of the Buddhist pilgrimage sites of Nepal attracts several tourists and devotees all around the world.

While exploring Swayambhunath, we will engage more with the religious values and try learning about the cultures. Also, you get to spin the prayer wheels and learn more about the rich history of Nepal with the guides and monks living in the stupa.

Our next destination for Kathmandu sightseeing will be Patan Durbar Square. With approx. 30 minutes of drive from Swayambhunath, we will reach Patan Durbar Square. Our main objective to visit Patan Durbar Square is to learn about Newari architecture and have an insight into the history of Nepal during the Malla period.

Our tour operator will help you so that you will be able to understand more about Nepal’s cultural diversity, rich history, and architecture of Nepal. Furthermore, you can enjoy yourself exploring the Mangal Bazaar (Local Shops) to buy some souvenirs and goods to make your tour even more memorable.

After exploring Patan Durbar Square for about an hour, we will then head to Boudhanath which in general takes approx. 35 minutes. Boudhanath is the center of attraction of Tibetan Buddhism outside Tibet. It has the largest white dome with Buddha’s eyes and a golden pinnacle which is clearly visible even from a distance away.

During our sightseeing in Boudhanath, we will explore thoroughly and learn more about Buddhist culture in Nepal. While Boudhnath exploration, we will feel the essence of spirituality and peace that will even excite you more to visit other religious sites in Nepal.

Last, but not least we will then head to the holiest and most sacred temple of Nepal, Pashupatinath Temple. With about 15 minutes of drive from Boudhanath, we will reach our final destination of sightseeing in Nepal. Pashupatinath is one of the major attractions of Kathmandu for both devotees and tourists.

Thousands of devotees and tourists visit Pashupatinath temple on a daily basis. During the exploration, you will get to know more about the Hindu Culture of Nepal. The main temple of Pashupatinath is made in Nepali Pagoda style and is the center of attraction. Although people except for Hindus are not allowed to have permits to the main temple, you can enjoy the other small temples around made with the unique architecture of Nepal.

With about 7 hours of Kathmandu sightseeing, we will then drop you off at your hotel room where you can rest and prepare for the next day.

Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast

Early in the morning after having a proper healthy breakfast, we will then prepare ourselves for the long car drive to Pokhara. It generally takes around 4-5 hours of drive at a normal pace but looking at the comfort of travelers we will have stoppage to several destinations on the way.

The main motive for having stops on the way is to feel refreshed and take some breaks so that the drive can be more effective and exciting. During our car trip to Pokhara, we will engage in different activities like taking photographs of the beautiful scenery. For lunch, we will select one of the restaurants on the way but you have to pay for it yourself. For lunch to be provided by Blue Lake Adventure, it may cost more for this package.

After successfully reaching Pokhara, you will be transferred to one of the best lakeside hotels where you can take a rest after a tiring yet exciting road trip. The lakeside views of Pokhara are fascinating during the night so you can schedule a time to have an evening walk around.

Car 7-8 Hours
Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast

Sarangkot is popular for sunrise, sunset, and panoramic views of different mountain ranges. So, early in the morning around 5 AM, we will drive to Sarangkot to enjoy the beautiful sunrise view among the mountain ranges.

[Note: The morning time depends on the season because of the different sunrise times in different seasons.]

Within 30 minutes of a car drive, we will reach Sarangkot and walk for 5-10 minutes to reach the viewpoint where you can find yourself enjoying the beautiful sunrise view. Also, you won’t miss out on the beautiful panoramic view of mountain ranges like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manslu.

The best part of Sarangkot is its view of the sunrise, mountain ranges, and Pokhara city. Imagine yourself on the hilltop experiencing the beautiful view of mountain ranges, sunrise, and Pokhara city. Book the package with Blue Lake Adventure and turn the imagination into reality today.

After spending about an hour at Sarangkot, we will then head back to our Hotel where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast offered by the Blue Lake Adventure team. We will then get ourselves ready for today’s sightseeing in Pokhara.

Pokhara is one of the major tourist destinations in Nepal. For sightseeing, we will start from Bindabasini temple. It is the oldest temple of Pokhara where you can explore the temple and nearby areas. You can also practice worshipping the god if it interests you. In addition, from the hilltop, you can experience the beautiful mountain views and views of Pokhara city.

After exploring the nearby places of Bindabasini temple, we will move further to the Seti River. There you will be able to see deep Gorges that are thrilling to experience. After spending about half an hour we will then drive to our next destination which is the International Mountain Museum.

International Mountain Museum is renowned for keeping records and histories of mountain and mountaineering in Nepal. Inside the building of the museum, you can see different paintings, sculptures, statues, and monuments representing mountaineering in Nepal. Our guide will help you understand more about the histories by explaining details about the views around.

We will spend about 1.5 hours in the International Mountain Museum and then we will drive to Devi’s Fall. It is one of the most visited places in Pokhara and attracts visitors from all around the World. Here you can see a tunnel made by the water on reaching the bottom. Devi’s Fall is also called ‘Patale Chango’ in Nepali term which means ‘Underworld’s waterfall.’

Then while passing through the tunnel you will be able to see a cave called Gupteshwori Mahadev Cave. The complicated design of the cave makes it even more exciting and attractive. [Fun Fact: Many tourists find it difficult to get out of the cave.] But, you don’t have to worry about it because you will have a skilled and experienced tour guide to assist you out of the cave.

For the final end of the sightseeing in Pokhara, we will drive to World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa) located at a height where you can experience a beautiful view of Pokhara city. In addition, you will be able to have a beautiful view of Mountain Ranges like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Macchapucchre (Fishtail).

Having a view of lakes, Pokhara City, and lush villages from above is a pure joy of sightseeing in Pokhara. During the visit, you can also practice communicating with the local people with the assistance of a tour guide.

After finally completing all the major destinations for sightseeing in Pokhara, we will then drive back to the Hotel where we stayed. You can enjoy your night with your travel mates and prepare for the next day of returning to Kathmandu.

Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast

Today, we will return to Kathmandu following the same route. It will normally take around 5-6 hours but since we will have frequent breaks, it might get 6-7 hours considering the road conditions.

After reaching Kathmandu, you will be transferred to the Hotel of Thamel where you can get rest for a long drive. In the evening, we will have a farewell dinner at a traditional Nepali restaurant. The farewell dinner includes traditional Nepali cuisine with traditional music and dances.

Car 6-7 Hours
Accommodation Hotel
Meals Breakfast & Dinner

On day 05 of the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour, we will have you dropped at the airport where we can share our last moments together. Also, Blue Lake Adventure offers several short tours and trekking in Nepal which may fascinate you to stay in Nepal few more days.

If you wish to join other trips then we can offer you certain discounts which can make your stay in Nepal more worthwhile.

Car 25-40 minutes

Blue Lake Adventure offers several group joining and private tours. With group joining, you can minimize the expenses and it can cost you less than private tours. Whereas with private tours, you can get exclusive services with proper privacy. You can have a tour in private with every comfort you want.

To join available groups, customize the itineraries, and have a private Kathmandu Pokhara Tour contact us by going through our contact page.

Included & Excluded in Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

What's Included?
  • All ground private transportation with A/C
  • Accommodation in 3-star Hotel
  • Skilled, Experienced Government-License Holder Tour Guide
  • Breakfast throughout the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour
  • All Entrance Fee for city tour in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • All Government taxes and office expenses
  • Salary and Accommodation for Tour Guides
  • 3/4 bottles of Mineral Water during sightseeing
  • Farewell dinner at Traditional Nepali Restaurant
  • Airport Drop in private car
What's Excluded?
  • Travel Insurance
  • International flight tickets
  • Visa cost (US $25-30 for 15 Days, US $40-50 for 30 Days and US $100-110 for 90 Days)
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for guide, driver, or for anyone
  • Dinner in a Hotel or any kind of beverage
  • Additional costs like delays caused due to circumstances beyond our control (itinerary modification, change of Government policies, Strikes, etc.)

Additional Info for the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour is one of the most exciting tours in Nepal that takes you on a journey of spirituality, rich histories of Nepal, and cultural diversity. Before getting an ideal package for the Kathmandu Pokhara sightseeing tour, you need to consider this information.

Best time for the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

Although tours in Nepal are possible throughout the year, it is important to consider the best season where you can get your best experience. The weather, temperature, and availability need to be considered before getting a trip to Pokhara.

While the best seasons for any kind of adventurous activity are Autumn and Spring you can have the tour in Winter and Summer season. Autumn and spring seasons offer more stable weather with generous temperature making it the best for sightseeing.

During the Autumn, you can experience clear skies views and normal temperatures. Because this season falls after the monsoon there is almost no chance of getting rainfall. With the clear skies, you can enjoy the best view of sunrise, sunset, and different mountains throughout the tour.

In addition, the spring offers beautiful views of lush forests, clear skies, and suitable temperatures making it perfect for outdoor activities. Also, since this season falls after winter there is likely zero chance of getting rainfall.

During summer, the daytime in Kathmandu is hotter than other seasons. With light clothes and utilities to keep you cool throughout the tour, you can also enjoy the Kathmandu Pokhara tour.

Whereas during winter, Pokhara City gets and gradual decrease in temperature. The days are less sunny and winter is much cooler. Not the best season for a tour but you won’t miss out on the best experience.

Blue Lake Adventure provides you with the best experience of having a tour in Nepal throughout the year with the best services.

Foods & Accommodation

Nepal is well-known for the Daal-Bhaat and Momos (Steamed Dumplings) in different parts of the World. People who visit Nepal try the Daal Bhaat and Momos.

Also, during the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour, you can have your dinner at the restaurant we will be staying at. Daal Bhaat is the authentic Nepali cuisine loved by every Nepali peoples. This is common in every home and people have them twice a day i.e. Morning and Evening.

Whereas Momos are the popular lunch of almost every Nepali. You can get varieties in both veg and non-veg. Whenever this is a conversation for lunch, Momos is everyone’s priority.

Alongside the momos, you can try other local foods and snacks like Sel Roti, Thukpa, and other several Newari dishes.

Kathmandu and Pokhara are the finest developed cities of Nepal so there is no any difficulty in finding an accommodation facility. We will have our stay in a Hotel where you will have facilities like a single room, personal bathroom, comfortable beds, etc. We will be staying at a 3-star Hotel throughout the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour.

Packing List for Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

To get the best experience during the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour, you need to be well-prepared with the required utilities, documents, and other generally useful goods. Here are some packing lists you need to have for your comfort and to make your trip even easier and safer.


  • Light-weight, moisture-absorbing t-shirts
  • Long-sleeved shirts for sun protection
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Lightweight, breathable pants
  • Sandals of flip-flops for casual wear
  • Hat or cap for sun protection
  • Comfortable sleepwear
  • Undergarments
  • Rain jacket for unexpected rainfall


  • Lightweight, waterproof jacket
  • Warm hat and gloves (for colder months or high altitudes)

Personal Items

  • Passport, visa, and photocopies of important documents
  • Travel insurance information
  • Wallet with local currency (Nepalese rupees)
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Travel adapter (Nepal used Type C, D, and M plugs)
  • Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene products (wet wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.)

Online Booking

You can easily book the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour package with Blue Lake Adventure by going through the online booking section. During the booking process, we require 10% of the advance payment, a passport photocopy, an image of yours, and the date you will land in Nepal.

Other than online booking, you can get an inquiry with us for free too. You just need to contact with through the inquiry option and we will get back to you in no time. We value our customers’ precious time so we will help you through the booking and inquiries in an easy way.

In case you are not able to get to the time, you can extend it for a few days and get here in Nepal. You can postpone the date for a tour in case of emergencies without any additional charges. But in case you are not able to get to Nepal for the Kathmandu Nepal Tour then check out our refund policy here.

For online booking, you can pay the advance payment or full payment as of your preference through Western Union, bank transfer, or online from our website.

Final Say on the Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

Blue Lake Adventure is a travel website of a Government-registered travel agency Blue Lake Travels and Tour Pvt. Ltd. We have over 15+ years of experience as a travel agency in Nepal where we organized several treks, tours, hiking, and other adventurous activities in Nepal.

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour is one of the best-selling and favorite tours in Nepal and the service by Blue Lake Adventure is loved by everyone. You can have the best experience and services with us throughout the tour.

Also, if you wish to extend your period in Nepal by extending your visa time, you can enjoy trekking, tours, peak climbing, and other fun activities in different regions of Nepal.

For any inquiries, group joining, customizing itineraries, and last-minute bookings contact us by sending an email to or by sending a message on WhatsApp at +977 9851076943.

General FAQs for Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

The best time to visit both Kathmandu and Pokhara is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons. These months offer pleasant weather, clear skies, and ideal conditions for outdoor activities and trekking.

In Kathmandu, you shouldn’t miss the Kathmandu Durbar Square, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple), Patan Dubar Square, and Pashupatinath Temple. Whereas in Pokhara, Phewa Lake, Sarangkot for Sunrise, Devi’s Fall, and International Mountain Museum are the major attractions.

For the Kathmandu Pokhara tour, it is more comfortable to wear light and moisture-soaking clothes that will make it easier for you to walk on the streets and sightseeing areas.

Yes, respecting the local customs is important. In both cities, it’s customary to remove your shoes before entering temples. It is also necessary to ask permission before taking photos of people, and it’s better to avoid public displays of affection.

Yes, 2 days of tour in Pokhara is enough if you are not looking for trekking to Annapurna region. Early in the morning, you can go to Sarangkot to have a pleasing view of sunrise among the beautiful mountain ranges. The same day you can visit places nearby and spend your night while enjoying the lakeside views. The next day you can visit the major attractions like World Peace Pagoda, International Mountain Museum, Devi’s Fall and Phewa Lake.

The cost to go Pokhara from Kathmandu depends on the mode of transportation you choose. Flights are expensive and can cost you longer but you can save your time. Whereas road transportation is way cheaper but consumes most of your time.

In comparison to Tourist attractions, Kathmandu has a lot of major tourist attractions and different UNESCO heritage sites that provide an insight into Nepal’s rich cultural values, architecture, and histories during King’s period. Pokhara is a beautiful city best for outdoor tours and you can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty alongside different mountain ranges. Pokhara is one of the major tourist attractions for its favorable climate and several destinations like the International Mountain Museum, Devi’s Fall, and Phewa Lake.

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13-15 pax. US$ 375
Over 16 pax. US$ 350