Travel insurance is very important for anyone commencing a trip, especially those going to rural and tough destinations in  Nepal. Travel insurance provides financial and mental peace of mind in the event of unpredictable events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost or stolen luggage.

It is highly advised that visitors/trekkers traveling to Nepal to explore the city and as to trek in the remote mountain region, buy travel insurance for a compensation scheme for adventure sports and high-altitude trekking. It is important to carefully examine the policy and ensure that it covers all of the activities that the client aims to participate in such as trekking, day tours, rafting, and many more during the stay in Nepal.

Nepal is known as the country of the mountains, so while trekking in the high elevation. You might unpredictably get injured and suffer from acute mountain sickness. The Acute Mountain sickness gets active from a height of 2500M (8,202ft).

Our field staff possess extensive experience of knowing the mountains and are well trained in wilderness first aid treatment, as to treatment during the trekking in the mountains.

The birthplace of Buddha Nepal is a safe destination to travel but sometimes due to the lack of security and the political instability in the Country, you may face unpredictable consequences on your fruitful trip.

From our side, we strongly suggest that travelers get travel insurance from their host country which fully covers all their medical, and rescue expenses, altitude sickness, illness, and the losses of the baggage during the trip in Nepal.

Your travel insurance should be submitted to the registered trekking company in Kathmandu, which will help you to be rescued from the mountains. If you get some illness, emergency situations, or altitude sickness.While, if you are traveling and trekking with Blue Lake Adventure, we will accompany you with the full comfort of rescue Heli service during emergencies in high-altitude in the Mountains.