Introduction of Manaslu Region

The Manaslu Region is a Popular trekking trail in the northern belt of Nepal.The region is named after Mt.Manaslu,which is the highest peak in the world.The trekking trail of Manaslu region goes through the dense forest,oak and alpine also passes via the traditional villages of the Ancient Tibetan People of the Manaslu region.

Typically the Manasalu region trek such as Manaslu circuit Trek and Tsum Valley Trek starts from the Arughat Rural Municipality – and also passes along the traditional Tibetan and Gurung villages.Experiencing of the Tibetn culture and the Gurung community will be the ideal of this trek.

The Major highlights of the region is passing the Larke-La pass at an elevation of 5,106 m above the sea level which is the highest trekking point during the Manaslu circuit trek .Exploring and visiting the Mu Gompa,which is the old ancient monasteries of the Tibetan people of the Manaslu region.

While passing the highest pass you will be exploring the beautiful snow capped mountains and the mesmerizing view of the high peaks mountains with the glaciers along the trekking trails. You will feel difficulty breathing in the high altitude but you will be fine with the prevention and the precautions following the instructions of the guide during the trekking period in the Manaslu region.

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Manaslu Region Trek Packages


Trip Duration 10 Days
  • Tsum Valley Trek

    Fixed Departure
Trip Duration 12 Days
  • Manaslu Circuit Trek


    During your trekking days in the Manaslu region you will get an opportunity to explore the unique culture and traditions, their lifestyle,dress,language and the history.The cultural exchange between the local people will be the most adorable while interacting with the local people during your trek in the mountains.

    You will get the best typical local food while exploring the Manaslu region of Nepal. The local food is basically prepared with the organic products being grown in their respective fields. While The rice and paddy are grown in the high altitude,it tastes you in a different flavor.

    While trekking in Manaslu region requires good physical fitness and well mentally prepared to overcome all the unpredictable circumstances in the high altitude. The weather is unpredictable in the mountains and so,you need to be more mentally prepared while planning to travel in the mountains.