Vehicle Rental Service in Nepal

How to rent vehicle in Nepal?

Many solo travelers and visitors around Nepal face problems in having a rental vehicle in Nepal. Because of those problems, Blue Lake Adventure has introduced a vehicle rental service in Nepal.

With us, you can rent every type of vehicle to travel across Nepal. Blue Lake Adventure is an online based vehicle renting service. Among different rental services, private car rental service is popular in our service.

If you are planning to visit Nepal for different activities in Nepal including trekking, tours, etc. then vehicle renting for traveling can be one of the best options. We also offer airport-airport pickups and drop-offs to our customers.

You can build your trust with us because Blue Lake Adventure is a legally registered company by the Act of Law 2063. In addition, we offer different kinds of services which include city tours, treks, tours and different kinds of other adventurous activities.

In order to get the best service for vehicle renting to ease your travel in different locations remember us so that we can offer the best vehicle rental service near you.

Types of Vehicle Rentals

We offer different types of vehicles according to the customer’s preference and destination. Car rental in Kathmandu is one of the popular services we offer.

With us, you can travel to different locations in Nepal without worrying about anything. According to your travel destination, you can choose a Car, Hiace, Jeep or Big bus. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, nature lover, or cultural enthusiast, renting a vehicle in Nepal provides you freedom and flexibility to travel to different destinations.

Car Rental in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a major city for travel destinations that can be covered in one day. Kathmandu’s one-day tour offers to visit different UNESCO Heritage Sites. With a car, you can easily cover most of the destinations in ease.

Traveling in Kathmandu is easy with a rental car because you can visit every place without any difficulties. Blue Lake Adventure offers you different vehicles for rental like Sedan cars, SUVs car, Jeeps (four wheels drive), Hiaces and many more looking at your travel destinations.

In addition, if you want to rent a car with a driver, we can provide you with the best driver to take you to your destination. With a driver, you can enjoy your ride by sightseeing the best view of different places. Also, the drivers we provide are super-friendly and experienced so you can enjoy your best moments of traveling.

Why Vehicle Rental Service in Nepal with us?

Blue Lake Adventure has actively been serving different visitors and travelers with rental services. With our best facilities among other rental services, we are able to provide the best rental services for cars, Hiace, jeeps, etc.

Here are the reasons why Blue Lake Adventure can be your vehicle rental service in Kathmandu:

  • Reliability: We provide the best reliability to our customers. With our years of experience in providing vehicle rental service, we are able to provide every satisfaction to our customers. The valuable feedback of the customer encouraged us to keep in practice with the car, Hiace and other vehicle rental services.
  • Vehicle option: Depending on your travel needs and preferences, we have different vehicle options available. Whether you want to have a comfortable tour to Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, or Chitwan, or go through the hills and Himalayas of Nepal, we provide the best vehicle option fit for your destinations. You can rent different types of cars, Hiace, jeeps, luxury buses, or big buses with Blue Lake Adventure.
  • Insurance Coverage: While booking with Blue Lake Adventure, you don’t have to worry about safety because we provide every safety to our customers. You can have insurance coverage with us, which makes us the best option for car rentals in Kathmandu. The insurance includes liability coverage and coverage for damage or theft.
  • Documents and license requirements: While hiring a vehicle with us, we check for the required documents and license. Because of our safety procedures, we are able to give the best services to our customers. For international visitors, an IDP (International Driving Permit) is essential alongside other necessary documents.
  • 24/7 Service: With Blue Lake Adventure, you can book your desired vehicle 24/7. With are available every time so ‌book anytime with us, according to your preference. We will provide you with the best service by providing you with the vehicle at the right time so that you can embark on your journey according to the plans.

With all these services, we are able to satisfy every customer who took service from us. Do you want to be the next customer to experience the best vehicle rental service in Kathmandu? Message us on WhatsApp at +977 9851076943 or contact us through our contact page so that we can be there for you to manage your perfect tour.

Seating Capacity for Vehicles

Vehicle Rental Service with Blue Lake Adventure
Including Driver
Vehicle Minimum Capacity Maximum Capacity
Car 1 Pax 2-4 Pax
Van/Jeep 2-4 Pax 7-15 Pax
Mini Bus 8-12 Pax 15-30 Pax
Sutlej Bus 20-30 Pax 30-40 Pax
Toyota Hiace 10 Pax 14-18 Pax
Costar 12 Pax 20 Pax

Depending on the traveling size, you can choose the best vehicle option for your tour. If you get confused about choosing the right vehicle, feel free to ask us so that we can suggest the ideal vehicle for rent.

Vehicle Rental Cost for Different Destinations

We provide the best affordable prices for different vehicles rent in comparison to other service providers. You can enjoy the ride with a rented vehicle without worrying about additional charges.

Also, we offer discounts to different group sizes and travel destinations. Contact us so that we can inform you about the discounted prices for different vehicles.

Vehicle Rental Prices by Blue Lake Adventure (Airport Service)
Vehicle Types
Destination/Place Car Bus Van/Jeep Hiace COASTER
Airport Arrival NRs 1,950 ($14,77) NRs 6,000 ($45.45) NRs 2,450 ($18,56) NRs 3,400 ($25.75) NRs 5,000 ($37.87)
Airport Departure NRs 1,500 ($11.36) NRs 6,000 ($45.45) NRs 2,000 ($15.15) NRs 2,500 ($18.94) NRs 5,000 ($37.87)
TIA Airport Mountain Flight (Departure/Return) NRs 2,500 ($18.94) NRs 7,500 (56.81) NRs 3,550 ($26,89) NRs 4,000 ($30.30) NRs 6,000 ($45.45)
Ultra Flight to Pokhara (Go/Return) NRs 2,500 ($18.94) NRs 7,500 (56.81) NRs 3,000 ($22.72) NRs 4,000 ($30.30) NRs 6,000 ($45.45)
Hourly Disposal Charge (Kathmandu & Pokhara) NRs 1,000 ($7.57) NRs 3,000 ($22.72) NRs 1,500 ($11.36) NRs 2,000 ($15.15) NRs 2,500 ($15.15)

With the affordable price of Blue Lake Adventure, you can freely explore your desired destinations. Book your rental vehicle today and get connected to the best rental service in Nepal.

Four Wheels Drive Tour Rental Price
S.N. Destinations Jeep
1 Kathmandu-Jomsom-Muktinath-Kathmandu (4 nights/5 Days) NRs 65,000 ($492)
2 Kathmandu-Upper Mustang-Kathmandu (6 Nights/7 Days) NRs 1,09,500 ($829.39)
3 Kathmandu-Manang-Kathmandu (5 Nights/6 Days) NRs 70,000 ($530.21)
4 Kathmandu-Rara-Kathmandu (6 Nights/7 Days) NRs 85,000 ($643.82)

Blue Lake Adventure offers jeep rental for higher Himalayas too. You can enjoy your precious moments and gather experiences by exploring Mustang, Jomsom, Manang, and Rara with our jeep rental service in Nepal.

Car, Jeep, Van, Hiace, Bus Rental cost for sightseeing in Kathmandu
Vehicle available for Rent
Destinations (Sunrise & Sightseeing) Car Jeep COASTER Hiace Bus
Half-day sightseeing in Kathmandu (2 UNESCO Sites included) NRs 3,000 ($22.72) NRs 4,500 ($34.08) NRs 7,500 ($56.81) NRs 6,000


NRs 10,000 ($75.74)
Kathmandu Day Tour (Inclusion of 4 UNESCO Sites) NRs 4,500 ($34.08) NRs 4,500 ($34.08) NRs 7,500 ($56.81) NRs 6,000 ($45.45) NRs 9,000 ($68.17)
Patan and Bhaktapur Sightseeing NRs 4,500 ($34.08) NRs 6,000 ($45.45) NRs 9,500 ($71.96) NRs 8,000 ($60.59) NRs 12,000 ($90.89)
Thamel-Sundarijal Drive NRs 3,500 ($26.51) NRs 5,500 NRs 9,000 ($68.17) NRs 7,000 NRs –
Kathmandu-Shivapuri NRs 4,500 ($34.08) NRs 6,000 ($45.45) NRs – NRs – NRs –
Thamel-Godawari (Go/Return) NRs 3,500 ($26.51) NRs 5,000 NRs 10,500 NRs 6,000 ($45.45) NRs 13,000
Thamel-Dakshinkali (Go/Return) NRs 4,000 NRs 6,000 ($45.45) NRs 10,400 NRs 7,500 ($56.81) NRs 14,500
Thamel-Changunarayan (Go/Return) NRs 4,000 NRs 6,000 ($45.45) NRs 10,500 NRs 8,000 ($60.59) NRs 14,500
Thamel-Saga Mahadev (Go/Return) NRs 3,500 ($26.51) NRs 5,000 NRs 9,500 ($71.96) NRs 6,500 NRs 13,000
Drive to Dhulikhel NRs 3,500 ($26.51) NRs 5,000 NRs 9,500 ($71.96) NRs 6,500 NRs 13,000
Thamel-Bhaktapur (Sightseeing) NRs 3,500 ($26.51) NRs 5,000 NRs 9,500 ($71.96) NRs 6,500 NRs 13,000
Budhanil Kantha (Go/Return) NRs 3,000 NRs 4,500 ($34.08) NRs 8,500 NRs 5,500 NRs 12,000 ($90.89)
Nagarkot Sunrise Sightseeing NRs 4,500 ($34.08) NRs 6,500 NRs 12,000 ($90.89) NRs 7,500 ($56.81) NRs 15,500
Thamel-Panauti NRs 5,000 NRs 7,500 ($56.81) NRs 14,000 NRs 9,500 ($71.96) NRs 17,500
Nagarjun Durbar Visit NRs 4,000 NRs 6,000 NRs 11,000 NRs 8,000 ($60.59) NRs 14,000

With Blue Lake Adventure’s online vehicle rental service, you can enjoy beautiful sightseeing in different places of Kathmandu Valley. We provide you with the best experience by providing the best affordable price for different types of vehicles.

Mostly, car rental is popular for sightseeing around Kathmandu. If you are interested in sightseeing in the beautiful Kathmandu Valley, then having a car rental is effective.

Vehicle Rental Service in Kathmandu
Types of Vehicles for Rental
Destinations in Pokhara Car Bus Jeep Hiace Coaster
Half-day Sightseeing NRs 3,000 ($22.72) NRs 12,000 ($90.89) NRs 4,500 NRs 6,000 NRs 9,000 ($68.17)
Full Day Sightseeing NRs 4,500 NRs 15,500 NRs 6,500 NRs 8,000 ($60.59) NRs 12,500
Sarangkot (Sunrise/Sunset) NRs 3,000 ($22.72) NRs 12,000 ($90.89) NRs 4,500 NRs 6,000 NRs 9,000 ($68.17)
Peace Pagoda (Sunrise/Sunset) NRs 2,500 NRs 9,000 ($68.17) NRs 4,000 NRs 5,000 NRs 7,500
Nayapul drive (Pickup) NRs 4,000 NRs 12,000 ($90.89) NRs 6,000 NRs 7,000 NRs 8,000 ($60.59)
Kande drive (Pickup) NRs 3,000 ($22.72) NRs 10,500 NRs 4,500 NRs 6,000 NRs 9,000 ($68.17)
Hemja Drive (Pickup) NRs 2,000 NRs 8,000 ($60.59) NRs 3,000 NRs 6,000 NRs 9,000 ($68.17)
Pokhara Tiger Hill Top NRs 3,500 NRs – NRs 5,000 NRs 7,000 NRs 12,000 ($90.89)
Pokhara to Beni NRs 7,500 ($56.81) NRs 24,000 NRs 11,000 NRs 15,000 NRs 18,000
Pokhara to Jomsom (2 Nights/3 Days) NRs – NRs – NRs 35,000 NRs – NRs –
Pokhara to Upper Mustang (4 Nights/5 Days) NRs – NRs – NRs 80,000 NRs – NRs –
Pokhara to Manang (2 Nights/3 Days) NRs – NRs – NRs 65,000 NRs – NRs –
Pokhara to Kathmandu NRs 12,000 ($90.89) NRs 36,000 NRs 16,000 NRs 20,000 NRs 25,000
Pokhara to Chitwan NRs 9,000 ($68.17) NRs 30,000 NRs 12,000 ($90.89) NRs 16,000 NRs 45,000
Pokhara to Lumbini NRs 18,000 NRs 55,000 NRs 22,000 NRs 30,000 NRs 45,000
Pokhara to Bandipur NRs 8,500 NRs 22,000 NRs 9,000 ($68.17) NRs 12,000 ($90.89) NRs 18,000
Pokhara to Nagarkot NRs 14,000 NRs 38,000 NRs 18,000 NRs 24,000 NRs 32,000
Pokhara to Sunauli NRs 17,000 NRs 48,000 NRs 20,000 NRs 24,000 NRs 40,000

If you are in Pokhara and stuck because of no vehicle rental services? Don’t worry because you can have our vehicle rental service from Pokhara too. You can travel to different locations from Pokhara, which will provide you with an experience of having road-ways travel.

With Blue Lake Adventure, you can hire/rent a car, Scorpio, bus, or any kind of vehicle at an affordable rate.

Vehicle Rental Cost for Long Distance Travel from Kathmandu
Vehicles Blue Lake Adventure Offers
Destinations Car Bus Jeep Hiace Coaster
Kathmandu to Chitwan Drive NRs 12,000 ($90.89) NRs 32,000 NRs 16,000 NRs 22,000 NRs 28,000
Kathmandu to Pokhara Drive NRs 14,000 NRs 36,000 NRs 18,000 NRs 20,000 NRs 32,000
Kathmandu to Sunauli Drive NRs 18,000 NRs 56,000 NRs 24,000 NRs 36,000 NRs 45,000
Kathmandu to Chumlintar Drive NRs 7,500 NRs 22,000 NRs 10,000 NRs 13,000 NRs 18,000
Kathmandu to Birgunj NRs 15,000 NRs 48,000 NRs  22,500 NRs 30,000 NRs 40,000
Kathmadu to Kakarvitta NRs 28,000 NRs 70,000 NRs 39,000 NRs 48,000 NRs 58,000
Kathmandu-Pokhara-Kathmandu (2 Nights/3 Days) NRs 20,000 NRs 48,000 NRs 26,500 NRs 34,000 NRs 40,000
Kathmandu-Chitwan-Kathmandu (2 Nights/3 Days) NRs 18,000 NRs 46,000 NRs 22,000 NRs 32,000 NRs 38,000
Kathmandu-Lumbini-Kathmandu (2 Nights/3 Days) NRs 26,000 NRs 65,000 NRs 34,000 NRs 42,000 NRs 52,000
Kathmandu-Pokhara-Chitwan (4 Nights/5 Days) NRs 34,000 NRs 78,000 NRs 40,000 NRs 52,000 NRs 64,000
Kathmandu-Chitwan-Lumbini-Pokhara (7 Nights/8 Days) NRs 56,000 NRs 1,30,000 NRs 72,000 NRs 85,000 NRs 1,02,000
Kathmandu-Pokhara-Lumbini (5 Nights/6 Days) NRs 46,000 NRs 1,15,000 NRs 70,000 NRs 84,000 NRs 92,000
Kathmandu-Bardiya National Park (2 Nights/3 Days) NRs 36,000 NRs 1,08,000 NRs 48,000 NRs 60,000 NRs 82,000

You can freely explore other different destinations from Kathmandu with our vehicle rental service. We provide you with the best vehicle with the best services to make your journey easy, and comfortable throughout the ride.

You can also hire a driver to drive the vehicle from our service in order to obtain the best experience without getting tired of riding the vehicle.


What are the age requirements for renting vehicles in Nepal?

Ans: The minimum age requirement for renting a vehicle in Nepal typically is 21 years. However, some rental services have higher age restrictions or additional age requirements for renting cars, jeeps, Hiace, etc.

Can I rent a vehicle without a driver?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to rent a vehicle without a driver in Nepal. Many rental companies offer self-drive options, allowing you to explore different places on your own. With Blue Lake Adventure, you can hire a vehicle for self-drive.

What fuel options are available for rental vehicles in Nepal?

Ans: In Nepal, most rental vehicles operate on gasoline (petrol). With Blue Lake Adventure, you can rent a vehicle with fuel on it. For additional information, you can contact us so that we can proceed on the basis of your preference and routes.

Can I cross the Nepal-India border with a rental vehicle?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to cross the Nepal-India border with a rental vehicle but because of the permit tax and documentation required; it is hard to cross the Nepal-India border.

How to handle vehicle breakdowns or accidents during the rental period?

Ans: In the unfortunate event of a breakdown or accident, your rental company immediately report the incident and seek guidance. When renting a car, jeep, or bus with Blue Lake Adventure, you can have travel insurance and vehicle insurance. In addition, we provide roadside assistance to guide you through the necessary steps to ensure safety.

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