Bungee Jump is a popular and most demanded adventure activity that involves jumping from a high suspension bridge with the attached jumping ropes and chords. Nepal is widely known for its natural beauty and the mesmerizing views of the mountains. In addition, one can enjoy the free fall of the Bungee Jump and witness the beautiful green natural beauty.

In Nepal, the Bungee Jump is situated at 160 m and 228 m above the Bhotekoshi River and Kali Gandaki River. The Bhotekoshi Bungee jump is 3 hour of drive from the capital city, Kathmandu and the cliff bungee jump is about 260 KM from Kathmandu It is the highest bungee in Nepal and is also known as the Kushma Bungee Jump, the world’s second-highest bungee jump. You will feel and experience different vibes and feelings while exploring the thrilling adventure of the Bungee Jump in Nepal.

While all the outdoor lovers are willing to jump from the high suspension bridge, all are given proper instruction and guidance before the jump commences.

All the participants are pre-checked for the medical procedure and the weight of the jumper is measured. The minimum weight category for the participant is 40 kg, and the maximum is 100 kg. If the bungee jumper doesn’t meet a certain category, then he or she won’t be eligible to jump.

In addition, bungee jumping in Nepal is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to feel the thrilling experience in the mountains while witnessing the beautiful landscapes and mountains. The Bungee Jump is suitable for all age categories from around the world to participate and avoid the fear of heights in the coming days.

In conclusion, the bungee jump is the most renowned adventure activity in Nepal and has become more famous among the young age group. Also, you will get a thrilling and unforgettable experience, which is a mixture of thrill and free fall in the open sky.

Highlights: Bungee Jump In Nepal

  • Explore the natural beauty and the mesmerizing views of the mountains.
  • Experience the adventure activities Jump in Nepal.
  • Jump with joy and happiness from the suspension bridge.
  • Explore and Experience the inter-cultural exchange with the local people around,
  • Spend quality time with the near and dear ones.
  • Hunt the traditional local dish of Nepal while coming for the Bungee Jump.
  • Explore the ancient temples and shrines
  • Explore the vibrant lifestyle of the Nepalese people while traveling the crowded streets of Ason Bazaar and Thamel.
  • You will experience the free fall for a short period of time.
  • Experience the bungee from the world’s second highest, which is 228 m.

Safety Rules and Regulations: Bungee Jump In Nepal

Bungee Jumping in Nepal is known as the most popular and risk-bearing adventure activity, and the government has set strict safety rules and regulations for the better safety of all the customers willing to experience the bungee jump in Nepal.

However, the Bungee Jump in Nepal is getting more famous among Nepali and foreign youngsters. The Cliff and The Last Resort have been operating the bungee for many years, following strict safety rules and regulations.

The following are the safety rules and regulations that are being followed as before the Bungee Jump in Nepal:

Weight: The Bungee companies of Nepal have set a weight limit of a minimum of 40 kg and a maximum of 100 Kilograms. The person with less than 40 and more than 100 KG will not be qualified for the Bungee Jump in Nepal. The rope used for the jumping process can only handle a weight of a minimum of 40 kg and a maximum of 100 kg.

Age: For the Bungee Jump in Nepal, the customer should be at least 18 years old and hold the citizenship certificate issued by the Government of Nepal.

Health Condition/Check: Before going for the jump, your health conditions will be wholly checked by the professional doctors on the site. All the details, such as whether you should consume the medications, should be discussed with the medical team and only you will be able to jump from the high suspension bridge if the medical team approves you as a good fit to go.

Equipment: Bungee operating companies use the best equipment, including bungee cords, safety ropes, and harnesses.

Training: Before going to the suspension bridge, you are all given a proper briefing and a short interval of training. The briefing includes all the emergency safety measures and the proper rules and regulations. The briefing training will be taken care of by experienced bungee instructors.

Jumping Technique: All adventure lovers willing to experience the thrilling bungee jump need to have a better jumping technique. The participants should jump with their heads first and their shoulders and hands straight toward the air and enjoy the free fall. 

Best Time-Bungee Jump In Nepal

Bungee jumping in Nepal is a popular adventure sport for all adventure lovers from all around the world. The bungee jump can be done throughout the year but some months offer better weather with blue skies and predictable weather.

The following details will help you choose the perfect time for the bungee jump:

Autumn (September to November)

The autumn season, which falls in the months of September to November, is known as the ideal season for bungee jumping in Nepal. During this season, travelers and trekkers will experience the cozy and warm weather with the blue sky, the close views of the mountains, and the mesmerizing views of the hills. Also, as it is trekking season in Nepal, you may also explore trekking in the mountains with your teammates and explore each and every corner of the city.

Spring (March to May):

The spring season in Nepal, which falls in the months of March to May, is the best season for expedition lovers in the mountains. You may also explore the bungee jump with your loved ones and the dear ones with special time and spend quality time with the dear ones in Nepal. The weather will be clear, the good mountain views will be visible and the environment will be full of green forest, including the different flowers blooming within the forest. You will be more breathtaking while exploring the bungee jump.

Winter (December to February)

In Nepal, the winter season is totally off-season for trekking and expedition lovers due to the heavy snowfall the wind in the mountains, and the high altitude. while for the Bungee jump it won’t be that problem because you won’t be gaining more elevation for the jump purposes and you will be traveling via the private bus or the local jeep.

Monsoon (June to August)

Monsoons in Nepal are the best way to explore the beautiful scenic views of the mountains. Visitors and travelers can also enjoy the rainy days with the travelers. While for the Bungee Jump, you can also join us in the month of monsoon as well.

Note: To explore Nepal, you may travel all year. As for the Bungee, you may choose your own favorable time and the season to experience the thrilling experience in the mountains of Nepal.

Why Bungee Jump in Nepal?

Nepal is a country known for its adventure activities for all the outdoor-seeking people from all around the globe. If you’re looking for a perfect destination for the bungee jump, then Bungee Jump in Nepal is an ideal place for you.

Nepal offers the 2nd highest bungee jump, located on the border of the Baglung and Parvat districts. The Bungee Jump is 228 meters long from the suspension bridge. During the jump from the suspension bridge, you will feel the thrilling experience and the joy of flying as a freefall from the suspension bridge.

While the Bungee Jump can be done in a short period of time, you may also enjoy the natural, mesmerizing scenic views of the mountains and the different flora and fauna found in the region.

In addition to this, Nepal offers rapid-speed flowing white water, which lures more and more adventure lovers to the bungee jump in Nepal. While jumping, you will experience the beautiful rivers flowing smoothly through the gorge.

Booking and Reservations-Bungee Jump In Nepal

As for the booking and reservation procedure for the bungee jump in Nepal, you may connect with us through the official website and social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp.

As for the reservation for the bungee jump, Blue Lake Travels and Tours, you may directly visit us physically in our office, which is located at Z Street, Thamel, Kathmandu.

Our staff members will be there at any time to assist you with the booking procedure for the Bungee Jump in Nepal. As for the digital booking and reservations:

WhatsApp/Viber: +977-9851076943

FAQ-Bungee Jump In Nepal

Which is the longest bungee jump in Nepal?

The Kusma Bungee Jump located on the border of Baglung and Parbat district is Nepal’s tallest and the world’s second highest bungee jump.

Which river is famous for bungee jumping in Nepal?

The Bhotekoshi River is more famous for bungee jumping in Nepal as it witnesses the white rapid flow of the river.

How many bungee jumping spots are there in Nepal?

Though to enjoy the Bungee Jump in Nepal there are 3 spots available: Kushma(The Cliff), Bhotekoshi River, and Hemja Pokhara. Adventure lovers can fully enjoy the bungee among all the spots as per their own preferences while in Nepal.

Which is the first highest bungee in Nepal?

The Kushma Bungee Jump is the first highest Bungee Jump in Nepal.