Everest Base Camp Trek in December

October 20, 2023

Everest Base Camp Trek in December

If you are a trekking enthusiast who loves trekking to the Himalayas, then the Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the best treks in Nepal that you should go for.

The Everest Base Camp Trek, also called the EBC Trek, has gained popularity amongst different trekkers and climbers from all over the world.

Though the trek is strenuous as it takes several days to complete, it is still the best trek because it takes you to the closest viewpoint of Mt. Everest.

The best experience of the Everest Base Camp Trek is in the best seasons, i.e., autumn and spring. But the most frequently asked question is: Isn’t it possible to trek in the off-season?

Yes, it is possible to trek in the off-season. The Everest Base Camp Trek in December is one of the possible times in the off-season. Although the experience won’t be as good as on-season, December has several perks to consider when trekking.

In this blog, we will discuss the 5 reasons to have the Everest Base Camp Trek in December and additional trekking tips to consider.

About Everest Base Camp Trek

If you are interested in trekking in Nepal, you might have heard about Mt. Everest, which is the highest peak in the world with an elevation of 8848.86 meters.

Everest Base Camp Trek in December

With this trek, you can have the closest view of Mt. Everest you can ever have. Multiple mountain ranges that are over 8,000 meters in height surround the base camp.

The trek can be completed in 13 to 18 days, depending on the itinerary you choose. Additionally, there are a number of choices, including the luxury trek to Everest Base Camp, a helicopter tour, and various passes.

The trekking starts in Lukla, which is called the gateway to the Khumbu region and is popular for the Tenzing-Hillary Airport. Alternatively, you can also embark on the trek from Jiri.

It is easily accessible to Lukla from Kathmandu, as you can take a 45- to 1-hour scenic flight. Also, if you are aware of flights getting cancelled or delayed, we provide Kathmandu Lukla Helicopter flight service too.

The 13-day Everest Base Camp Trek takes you through the stunning Sherpa civilizations, including Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, Gorak Shep, Pheriche, etc.

The altitude gain during the trek is significantly high so acclimatization days are important. Also, almost every trek is above 4,000 meters so there are high chances of getting altitude sickness if you aren’t prepared for it.

We suggest you have a day of acclimatization at Namche Bazaar and a day at Dingboche to adapt to the changing air in the Himalayas.

The trek is strenuous and requires an average of 6-7 hours per day so having better fitness is most important. Are you a beginner who wants to trek to Everest Base Camp? Here are the 8 best tips for beginners on the EBC trek.

The best part of this trek is that you can enjoy the spectacular views of the different snow-capped mountain peaks, including Mt. Everest, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, Pumori, Thamserku, Makalu, Cho Oyu, etc.

5 Reasons To Have Everest Base Camp Trek in December (Off-season)

Although the best seasons in Nepal bring about the best trekking experiences, if you can handle colder nights, you might still want to consider trekking in December (off-season).

Trekking to EBC in December is basically the same as trekking in the off-season, as it offers stunning views of several iconic peaks and the weather is clear and stable.

As December is the month of the winter season, you can expect colder nights and mornings. You have to be fully prepared for the colder nights since there are chances of getting frostbite at higher altitudes.

With these 5 factors in mind, let us explore why the December Everest Base Camp Trek is successful:

5. Less Crowd

Fewer crowds on trails during Everest Base Camp Trek in December

December is one of the off-season months, though it still provides a better experience when trekking to Everest Base Camp. Over the years, the Everest Base Camp Trek has gained a lot of popularity, attracting different trekkers and climbers from all over the world.

Most trekkers prefer trekking during the peak season to avoid difficulties like cold temperatures. Autumn and spring are the best seasons for the EBC trek, which makes this season more crowded.

As trekkers often miss out on trekking during off-seasons, December can be the best option to trek to Everest Base Camp with fewer crowds on the trails and teahouses.

You will be able to freely trek on the trails and get better accommodation in teahouses. Also, with fewer crowds, you can enjoy the scenery even more in a quiet environment.

Trekking and enjoying the views from the viewpoint with a few trekkers around is a thrilling experience that you will likely get during the peak seasons.

4. Low Rainfall

Everest Base Camp Trek in December

During the December month, you can expect almost no rainfall as this month falls during the winter season, which comes after autumn and before monsoon.

With no rainfall, you can easily trek on the dry trails, making it easier and more comfortable. However, it is crucial to pay attention to the trail because it can become challenging as you gain altitude.

December doesn’t receive rainfall but there are chances of getting snowfall, which can gradually decrease the temperature, so having proper gear while trekking to EBC in December is crucial.

3. Better Flight Trip

Kathmandu to Lukla flight in December for EBC Trek

During the peak months of trekking in Nepal, flights to Lukla are operated from Ramechhap instead of Kathmandu. In order to take a flight to Lukla, you have to take an early morning (2 AM) drive from Kathmandu to Manthali Airport.

Peak season provides the best experience of trekking but there is always a rush to manage before the trek, including the flight.

Good for the trekkers who have a tight schedule, as flights in December are directly operated from Kathmandu. The 45-minute scenic flight offers you stunning visuals of the lush hills, several cities and mountain ranges.

With the easy accessibility of booking a flight ticket, you don’t have to wait as long as you are required to in peak months.

2. Better Accommodation

Teahouse accommodation in December

One of the major highlights of the Everest Base Camp Trek in December is the availability of better accommodation. Getting proper and comfortable accommodation is equally important, as rest is most important before trekking to the next destination.

Teahouses and lodges are operated the same as in peak seasons, providing better service to the trekkers. As you are likely to see crowds in December, you can get a better teahouse with better service without worrying about them being packed.

You can also enjoy the additional services provided by the teahouses for less. You can choose to stay at better teahouse with services like an attached bathroom, Wi-Fi, hot water, etc.

As it is not peak season, the owner expects fewer trekkers, and since they have to run their livelihood, the cost might be lower compared to that of peak seasons.

1. Spectacular Views

stunning mountain view during ebc trek in december

The month of December is dry and receives almost no rainfall, so you can expect fewer clouds in the sky, offering better visibility. With better visibility, you can enjoy the stunning views of the snow-capped mountains, picturesque villages, and lush alpine forest.

Also, there are chances of snowfall in the Everest region during December so you might even get the opportunity to enjoy the snow on the trails.

In addition to the early morning sunrise, the view is even more spectacular. As December falls under the off-season month, you can have better views from the viewpoint because there is less crowd.

Other than the mountain views, the glacier views are stunning too in December. At higher altitudes, the lake surface is frozen, which creates better views.

Everest Base Camp Weather in December

Everest Base Camp Trek in December

Though Kala Patthar is the highest altitude you cover in this trek, Everest Base Camp is still one of the highest as it is situated at an elevation of 5,354m. The temperature gets lower as you gain altitude.

Starting from Lukla, which is at an elevation of 2,860 m, to the EBC, you will gain over 1,500m of elevation. Lukla in December is sightly colder than Kathmandu but Everest Base Camp temperature reaches -15 degrees Celsius in winter.

During the day, the average temperature of the Everest Base Camp varies from 10 to 20 degrees Celcius. However, the temperature may vary on the basis of the weather conditions during the day.

The days at Everest Base Camp are usually pleasant because the days are usually sunny and warm. But the cold breeze of the EBC is often felt so it is important to be well dressed to prevent getting cold.

If you are a beginner looking for the trekking experience at Everest Base Camp, then trekking in December is not recommended as it has lots of challenges.

And if you have already gained trekking experience in the Himalayas of Nepal, then with proper planning and gear, you can make the trek to Everest Base Camp.

Foods and Accommodations during EBC Trek in December

December is the off-season month, so you can expect fewer crowds than during peak seasons. With few crowds, you can enjoy the better accommodation and food of your choice.

There is less likely to be any kind of rush among trekkers to find better accommodation during December.

Also, the teahouses and lodges are fully operated in December, though it is not considered the most visited time.

The accommodation available are teahouses in higher altitude, where you can get services like single bedroom, twin beds, shared bathrooms, dining halls, meals, etc.

There are additional services like Wi-Fi, hot drinking water, etc. at the teahouses that you can get by paying extra.

On the other hand, you can choose to stay at luxury hotels, i.e., the Everest View Hotel, which offers luxury service with better bedrooms and services.

Also, the internet speed is smoother and the best part of staying in a luxury hotel is that you will get a warm bedroom with beautiful views of the mountain ranges.

The foods served by them are a luxury too. You can get foreign cuisine and Nepali cuisine cooked by the chefs of the hotel. However, the teahouses are operated by the local communities, yet you can get tasty Nepali dishes, including dal bhat.

Check out the difficulty in Everest Base Camp Trek.

Travel Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek in December

  • Pack the right and warm gears, including woolen base layers, down jackets, sleeping bag, etc.
  • Carry essential skin care goodies, as the skin can get dry due to cold air.
  • Get prepared for the altitude sickness at the higher altitude because December nights are extremely cold.
  • Acclimatization before moving further to higher altitudes is important. For acclimatization, you can choose Namche Bazaar and Dingboche.
  • Good-quality, insulated trekking boots with sturdy soles are important to have, as they help with better grip and provide better warmth to your feet.
  • If you are planning to trek without any travel agencies, then you must look for better guide and porter who has experience with the terrain and weather in December.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, as hydration helps prevent altitude sickness. Carry reusable water bottles and water filtration system. Also, drink boiled water.
  • Eat high-calorie diets that include high carbohydrate, fat and protein. Packing protein bars and light snacks from Kathmandu is beneficial.

Lastly, is the Everest Base Camp Trek in December worth it?

The fact that the Everest Base Camp Trek in December is worth it or not is based on personal preference. Trekking to EBC is one of the most adventurous and exciting experiences you can have in the Everest region.

It is true that the Everest Base Camp Trek in autumn and spring gives you a better experience with better weather, a warmer temperature, and a better view of the mountain peaks.

But nevertheless, the Everest Base Camp Trek in December is also a better experience, with fewer crowds on trails and teahouses, stunning visuals, snowfalls, and a comparatively better trekking environment.

If you can stand against the colder nights of the higher altitude on the trek to EBC in December, then you can consider December to be one of the best times to do the trek.

During the peak seasons, there are several incidents where flights are often delayed or cancelled as traffic is higher during this time. Due to delusion, you have to either plan according to it or take an alternative route by taking a flight from Manthali Airport.

December has an advantage as the flights are directly operated from Kathmandu to Lukla without any worries about being delayed or cancelled.

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