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September 8, 2023

Car Rental Service in Kathmandu

Planning for your trip either in the high Himalayas or in the other belt of Nepal, where the road is easily accessible. Hiring a car in Kathmandu with Blue Lake Travels & Tours makes you feel hassle-free and easy to book a car in Kathmandu during your stay If so, get rid of your problem. We had been serving our guests for car rental in Kathmandu with the vehicle operator and without having the vehicle operator.

The experienced vehicle driver will assist you in every situation during your travel to the destination. Will also help to explore more about the destination by telling you the importance of the destination you’ve been traveling to as religious, cultural, traditional, historical, etc.

The places during your stay in Kathmandu our Car Hire In Kathmandu staff will make your travel much more productive.

We provide our best service whether it is short day or full day sightseeing within the Kathmandu Valley, We mainly focus on the satisfaction of our lovely guests. All the gas, the parking fees and driver accommodation will be fully occupied by the company, while you won’t be charged more as quoted on booking.

We have been offering different models of vehicles to hire in Kathmandu, as per the requirements and needs of our guests whether it is a luxury trip or a budget trip. We have a large collection of vehicles to meet your expectations to travel with us.

Hiring a car in Kathmandu is the ideal way to explore the city area with your family, relatives, and friends and also to attend business conferences in different locations. It will be super easy for you to avoid delay with the traffic in Kathmandu city and helps to explore more in a short period.

Being together with your loved ones makes your bond stronger and bold while traveling and exploring together in every corner of the city. Spending quality time is the best time that a person can get in their leisure period, so renting a car will be affordable and qualitative to travel.

Hiring a car to explore the Kathmandu Valley is easier while exploring the city without the driver from the company for the procedure, we will be looking for a few legal documents.

Wondering to know the booking/renting a car procedure, for your day trip within the valley is very simple in terms. Connect with us through Viber/WhatsApp or call us on your cell phone while our staff will be present in your preferred location for your beautiful trip.

Why rent a car with us?

We are a team of professional vehicle operators and do know all the subways of the city which makes you avoid the huge traffic within the city area. Also, we help our customers in getting entry permits to travel all over the destination.

Renting a car with us mainly helps you to reach your destination on time and saves you period as well. Having a large collection of different vehicles all our vehicles are well managed for the luxurious travel of our guests. As per the requirements of guests we provide renting service in Nepal depending on the demand of the guest.

All the vehicles associated with us do follow the rules and regulations of the Nepal government very strictly. Though our vehicle operators are very professional and experienced in driving the vehicle will drive to your destinations safely and soundly and avoid mismanaged roads. Which highly helps you to reach your destination quickly.

Via Brands Car rental in Kathmandu

Our workshop is fully decorated with a huge vehicle collection in the city’s heart. We do have different brands available as per your preference for your trip. A luxurious and budget vehicle is also available as per the needs and requirements of the guests.

For your outstanding preference on vehicles, do let us know two or three days so we can keep that vehicle for you for the rest of your journey. The following are the different brands available with us for booking the trip:

  1. Skoda
  2. Honda
  3. Swift
  4. Toyota
  5. Ford
  6. Mercedes
  7. Hyundai
  8. Tata
  9. Mahendra
  10. Suzuki Maruti
  11. Nissan

Car rental for Kathmandu Airport Transfer

Renting a vehicle for airport transfer will be a short trip of one or two hours depending on the traffic situation of the city while arriving within the country and departing from the country.

Upon your arrival in Nepal, our team members will be at the arrival station with your name written on the pamphlets. Will help you with your baggage and will communicate with you at the Hotel. All staff are highly educated and communicate with you in the English language.

Tribhuvan International Airport is 8 KM away from the tourist hub Thamel area. The average driving period from Thamel to Tribhuvan International Airport is 20-25 min while traffic might affect the timing while travelling.

We provide highly qualified vehicles for our guests to have a good experience while traveling with us. So we love your trip to be very fruitful as renting a car with us in Kathmandu.

Car rental from Kathmandu to Pokhara

Renting a car will be a good perspective while traveling from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The highly qualified vehicle and the operator will make your trip sweet and energetic. To reach Pokhara there are alternative ways to reach Pokhara the Kathmandu Tourist Bus which leaves early in the morning around 7 AM from Sorakhutee.

The distance of 200 KM from Kathmandu to Pokhara can be covered within 6/7 hours. The advantage of traveling by road is you can explore the different small towns and the panoramic view of hills, also the white water rafting in Trishuli and Manakamana Cable car in Kurintar, if you wish to explore we can manage the trip accordingly.

Pokhara is a popular destination for travelers from around the globe, It offers you adventure activities like Ultra-light, paragliding, boating at Phewa Lake, the Shiva statue at Pumdikot, World peace pagoda and also the world’s second-largest bungee jump is near the Pokhara to explore more.

Car rental for Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Wondering whether to travel or be new in Kathmandu city, hiring a car would be the possible solution to explore the city of temples in Nepal. More places can be explored in Kathmandu Valley by renting a car for sightseeing.

The Kathmandu Valley offers you ancient temples, culture, religion, and the lifestyles of the people living within the city. Places like Swaymbhu, Bouddha, Pashupati, Jal-Narayan temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Chandragiri Cable Car, etc., and more are known as popular destinations to explore in Kathmandu Valley.

In Kathmandu, we devotees will get the blessing of the kumari- the living goddess in Kathmandu. Kumari is the purest form of devi, which is only believed in Nepal.

While traveling with us, you don’t need to pay hidden fees like parking, gas, and driver expenses. Just the small amount of entrance fee you should pay while entering the UNESCO heritage site which won’t be added to the vehicle fee while booking.

Car rental for the Nepal Tour

Planning to travel to Nepal all around with your relatives, friends and families for cultural or pilgrimage tours then renting a vehicle in Kathmandu will be the best option to explore the destination as per your choice and freedom. Renting a car provides you with the freedom to explore more, not staying in the time zone of a tailored itinerary.

The travelers may explore places like Lumbini, Chitwan, Gorkha, Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, Kushma, Gorkha, Palpa, Bandipur and Janakpur as per their preference.

As to working on the booking procedure for renting a car in Kathmandu for the Nepal tour, just throw your customized detailed itinerary with us, and in a short time, we will quote you our price amount to explore different destinations with our professional vehicle operator.

Car Hire In Kathmandu For Casino

Nightlife in Kathmandu city is more popular. Thamel is a popular hub for nightlife. Casino trips are mainly customized at nighttime within the Kathmandu Valley. We offer car rental in Kathmandu during the nighttime as well, if you are planning for your casino trip and nightlife in the Thamel area.

The vehicle operator will leave you at the Casino and keenly be waiting for you in the parking area. Once you are done with the nightlife and casino trip our driver will take you to the hotel safely and soundly.

Car rental for wedding in Kathmandu

Weddings are precious times in a lifetime a man gets, so the highly qualified and well-mannered vehicles are highly appreciable which we offer. To make your wedding program fruitful and memorable in your hearts, renting a car with us will be much more favorable.

A polite and well-groomed staff with highly decorated cars will make your wedding a perfect match. Either the luxurious car or vintage car rentals we are offering at wedding events.

Just connect with us for the price and vehicle of your preference, and we will be more than happy to assist you and join you in a memorable journey of a lifetime.

Long-Term Car Rental In Kathmandu

Visiting the country for more than a month and associated with the organization working in the remote belt of the country, looking for a rental car in Kathmandu for a long-term basis we are here to offer you a service for your business. To uplift every corner of the country.

On a long-term basis, there is no KM limitation the vehicle gas should be refilled and used accordingly. Renting a car on a long-term basis is available within the city area right now, but get connected with us. We will look after your tailored itinerary and get back to you with a good and reasonable price.

Luxury Car Rentals for Events in Kathmandu, Nepal

Renting a luxury car in Kathmandu is the widest preference to fulfill your desire to ride a luxurious car in the Himalayan country. while for a person who is less on a budget but passionate about traveling in a luxurious car then we are here for you to rent a luxurious car for your events in Kathmandu as well as in many more cities of Nepal.

Write to us in a reservation if you are wondering about luxurious car rentals for Events in Kathmandu.

Vintage Car Rental in Kathmandu

Are you tired of traveling in modern cars during your trip, if so then we do have old-fashioned vintage cars available for rental service in Kathmandu where your emotions and feelings will be bonded with the ancient stylish car.

The well-serviced and highly qualified vehicles are available to hire in Kathmandu if you are planning to rent a vintage car in Kathmandu.

Chandragiri visit a car rental

Renting a car in Kathmandu to explore Chandragiri Hills will be the best way to visit the Lord Baleshowr temple. Chandragiri Hill is famous for recreational activities and religious too, where people come to worship Lord Baleshwor Mahadev.  You can enjoy the panoramic views of the Himalayas from different angles.

The hill is a more popular destination for those who are willing to see Kathmandu Valley from the top area.

The hill also gets hit by the first fall of snow around the Kathmandu Valley. The number of domestic and International travelers increases during the period of snowfall.

To be free from the hassle of the daily schedule, book your trip to Chandragiri and rent a car in Kathmandu.

Car rental from Kathmandu to Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a top hill station for leisure, hanging out with friends and family members. It is 32 KM from Kathmandu city.  Renting a car while traveling with your loved ones will be easier and save time during the whole trip.

The main activity in Nagarkot is the sunset from the hilltop, to watch the mesmerizing sunset from the top, then renting a car in Kathmandu will be an ideal way to reach Nagarkot. Hiking around the surface, knowing the lifestyle of the local people.

Beautiful panoramic views of the Himalayas can be seen from Nagarkot. It is a popular destination for travelers who have a short period and want to explore hilly places and also want to see the Himalayas from nearby.

Car rentals for Meetings, Conference and Seminars

The business person is time-mannered and wishes to get to every seminar, meeting of business and Conference not get hampered. So rent a vehicle in Kathmandu, with our professional vehicle operator who knows every corner and also the subways of the city to reach in time to attend the meetings and seminars.

As for the reservation and booking for renting a car in Kathmandu, just connect with us via our WhatsApp/Viber Also you may ring us on our direct cell phone number.

How To Contact For Car Rentals Or Booking In Kathmandu?

To get connected with us there are plenty of ways you may get in touch with our reservation representatives for car rental in Nepal. Write to us by email about all your customized itineraries and our representatives will get back to you very soon as pitching with the best rates possible.

For more details let us know the following numbers and will get you the best rental vehicle possible in Kathmandu city.

If you are roaming around the popular tourist hub/destination, then will love to have sweet conversations in our office. Visit us at the below location:

  • Blue Lake Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd
  • Z- Street, Thamel, Nearby Ramada Encore Hotel

Rate of vehicles to rent in Kathmandu

(Cost – in Nepali Rupees)

Airport Pick up or Arrival Departure(2 hours)10001200150025003000
Mountain flight12001700200030004000
Overnight Charge20003500400050006000
Disposal Charge Per Hour (5 hours minimum)45065080011001400
Dinner (2 Hours)12001700200030004000
Sightseeing within Ring Road (only one place)12502250280040005000
Ring Road (any two place)12501875250037505000
Kritipur chovar12501875250037505000
buungmati khokana12501875250037505000
Vajrabarahi chaapagaun14502175290043505800
Hattibaan Resort18002700360054007200
Sanga vanjyang (Shiva Temple)15502325310046506200
Dhulikhel, khawa19502925390058507800
Dhulikhel, panauti275041255500825011000
Panauti only23503525470070509400
Bhaktapur, Nagarkot (one way)350050006000850011000
Nagarkoat only (one way)30004500550075009600
Lakuri Vanjyang21003150420063008400
Bhaktapur Changunarayan17002550340051006800
Kathmandu City, Swyambhu, Patan255038255100765010200
Pashupati, Boudha, Bhaktapur255038255100765010200
Within Ring Road (Any 4 Place255038255100765010200
Dakshinkali, Chovar, Kirtipur255038255100765010200
Nagarjun &,Balaju3750562575001125015000
Phulchoki & Godawari3750562575001125015000
Kathmandu to Trishuli Day Return1604400660088001320017600
Kathmandu to Dhunche Day Return260682510237.5136502047527300
Kathmandu to Syaprobeshi Day Return300787511812.5157502362531500
Kathmandu to Daman Simbhangyang Day Return1804950742599001485019800
Chitwan to Daman to Kathmandu250037505000750010000
Kathmandu to Namobuddha Day Return115316247436324948612648
Kathmandu to Bhakunde Beshi Day Return132290443565808871211616
Kathmandu to Nepalthok Day Return1854070610581401221016280
Kathmandu to Palanchok Bhagwati Day Return13035755362.571501072514300
Kathmandu to Melamchi Day Return1604400660088001320017600
Kathmandu to Chautara Day Return1904180627083601254016720
Kathmandu to Barabise Day Return1864092613881841227616368
Kathmandu to Border Land Day Return2104410661588201323017640
Kathmandu to Kodari Day Return2384522678390441356618088
Kathmandu to Charikot Day Return290761211418152242283630448
Kathmandu to Jiri Day Return3961039515592.5207903118541580
Kathmandu to Charaudi Day Return1824004600680081201216016
Kathmandu to Fishling  Day Return2104410661588201323017640
Kathmandu to Dhading besi Day Return1954290643585801287017160
Kathmandu to Kuringhat  Day Return2204620693092401386018480
Kathmandu to Mungling Day Return24050407560100801512020160
Kathmandu to Aabu Kahaireni Day Return24451247686102481537220496
Aabu Kahaireni to Gorkha Day Return5211441716228834324576
Kathmandu to Gorkha Day Return29662169324124321864824864
Kathmandu to Dumre Day Return29060909135121801827024360
Kathmandu to Besisahar Day Return380800012000160002400032000
Kathmandu to Bandipur Day Return30063009450126001890025200
Kathmandu to Pokhara Day Return4101200016000200002800042000
Muglin to Pokhara1904500675090001350015750
Kathmandu to Naya Pool Day Return4951039515592.5207903118541580
Kathmandu to Baglung Day Return5581171817577234363515446872
Kathmandu to Beni Day Return5741205418081241083616248216
Kathmandu to Syanjha Day Return5441142417136228483427245696
Kathmandu to Chitawan Gaighat Day Return28058808820117601764023520
Kathmandu to Chitwan Jugedi Day Return29060909135121801827024360
Kathmandu to Narayangarh Day Return31265529828131041965626208
Kathmandu to Sauraha Day Return350735011025147002205029400
Kathmandu to Chitwan Jungle Lodge Day Return370777011655155402331031080
Kathmandu to Chitwan Machan Day Return390819012285163802457032760
Kathmandu to Narayani Safari/Machan/Paradise Day Return370777011655155402331031080
Kathmandu to Chitwan Ice Land Day Return390819012285163802457032760
Kathmandu to Chitwan Tharu Village Day Return410861012915172202583034440
Kathmandu to Chitwan Temple Tiger Day Return410861012915172202583034440
Kathmandu to Chitwan Meghauli Day Return370777011655155402331031080
Kathmandu to Pokhara, Palpa, Tansen, Lumbini, Chitwan 4 O/N 5 Days7502295034425459006885091800
Kathmandu to Pokhara, Muglin, Chitwan 4 O/N 5 Days85825218378275043675654100872
Kathmandu to Hetauda Day Return468982814742196562948439312
Kathmandu to Birgunj Day Return5561167617514233523502846704
Kathmandu to Janakpur 1 O/N7501755026325351005265070200
Kathmandu to Gaur1 O/N6601566023490313204698062640
Kathmandu to Malangwaa 1 O/N6821612224183322444836664488
Dhankuta to Biratnagar 1 O/N10822452236783490447356698088
Kathmandu Lahan 1 O/N8702007030105401406021080280
Kathmandu to Kakadvitta 1 O/N122027420411305484082260109680
Kathmandu to Dharan 1 O/N10872462736940.5492547388198508
Kathmandu to Dhankutta Day Return118226622399335324479866106488
Kathmandu to Hiley Day Return4011001650220033004400
Kathmandu to Ilam  1 O/N136030360455406072091080121440
Kathmandu to Pashupatinagar  1 O/N131029310439655862087930117240
Kathmandu to Butwal Day Return5421138217073227643414645528
Kathmandu to Bhairahawa, Sunauli  Day Return6001260018900252003780050400
Kathmandu to Lumbini  1 O/N6301503022545300604509060120
Lumbini to Tilaurakoat Day Return5011001650220033004400
Kathmandu to Tanseen 1 O/N6301503022545300604509060120
Kathmandu to Krishna Nagar 1O/N7301713025695342605139068520
Kathmandu to Nepalgunj 1O/N10402364035460472807092094560
Kathmandu to Dang 1O/N8902049030735409806147081960
Kathmandu to Bardiya National Park 1O/N116026160392405232078480104640
Kathmandu to Mahendra Nagar 1O/N142031620474306324094860126480
Kathmandu to Dhangadi 1O/N133029730445955946089190118920

How to get a Car Rental Kathmandu?

To get connected with us there are plenty of ways you may get in touch with our reservation representatives for car rental in Nepal. Write to us by email about all your customized itineraries and our representatives will get back to you very soon as pitching with the best rates possible.

For more details let us know the following numbers and will get you the best rental vehicle possible in Kathmandu city.

Whatsapp/Viber: +977-9851076943

If you are roaming around the popular tourist hub/destination, then will love to have sweet conversations in our office. Visit us at the below location:

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