Blue Lake Adventure Travels Pvt. Ltd

Blue Lake Adventure is a renowned International Travel Agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since 2007, we have been serving and providing the best quality services to explorers around the world. With quality services and visions, we hold the position of one of the leading and best travel agencies in Nepal.

Blue Lake Adventure offers various adventurous activities including treks, tours, peak climbing, and expeditions in different regions of Nepal. Including adventures, we are also actively engaged in domestic services like vehicle rental and local ticket booking. Blue Lake Adventure offers all-inclusive packages that cover transportation, entrance fees, local government fees, and guide/porter fees. If you’re seeking a cultural tour or a thrilling adventure in the mountains, Blue Lake Adventure can arrange everything to make your trip to Nepal more productive and enjoyable.

Blue Lake Adventure offers a variety of services including trekking, expeditions, vehicle rentals, rafting, flight tickets, and tours for Nepal Holidays. We cater to travelers and trekkers from all over the world. At our travel agency in Nepal, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We provide well-qualified and experienced guides for rafting, trekking, and expeditions. Rest assured, you will be in good hands with us.

Along with the leading travel agency in Nepal, Blue Lake Adventure Pvt.Ltd offers the Nepal Religion Tour to the most popular religious and pilgrimage sites of Nepal such as the Pashupatinath  Temple Tour, and Muktinath Darshan  Tour.  During your cultural and Pilgrimage tour, you will be exploring the important pilgrimage site of Nepal.

Additionally, the travel agency in Nepal – Blue Lake Adventure has been organizing peak climbing for all the clients whether you are an experienced climber or the well good trekker willing to summit the peak for the first time. The international travel agency in Nepal offers the peak summit on Yala Peak, Lobuche Peak, Amadablam and Mera Peak, etc.

If you are the first person to experience the feeling of the summit of the most popular peaks in Nepal. The Peaks Summit offers you a great experience as well as the best way to challenge yourself with the climbing life in the Himalayas.

The well-known travel agency in Nepal also offers guided nature tours and bird-watching tours to all interested individuals. The guides assist visitors in distinguishing between the various bird species that live in the area.

The famous destination for bird watching and the guided tour is the ShivaPuri National Park-which is touched by the capital city-Kathmandu. The ShivaPuri National Park is known as the best spot for bird watching near the Kathmandu Valley. While you may explore the different birds in the different regions and the National Park of Nepal.

The company Blue Lake Adventure Travel takes pleasure in using sustainable and ethical tourism methods. To make sure that their presence has a beneficial impact on the area, we place a high priority on the preservation of the natural environment and collaborate closely with nearby communities of the different provinces of Nepal.

The key reason for choosing Blue Lake Adventure Travel agency in Nepal, because of our commitment to providing the best possible facilities to our beloved guests. We have a qualified and experienced team to guide and customize your itinerary. Our team members ensure the smooth operation of the trip by working in a well-mannered way to make our visitors hassle-free and memorable trips in Nepal.

Blue Lake Adventure Travel is known as the best travel agency in the travel industry of Nepal.  With a good vision and focus on customer satisfaction, the best travel agency in Kathmandu has built the trust of the visitors, since the decade.

The travel agency in Nepal manages the short-term vacation and also arranges long day trips in the mountains. While ensuring the safety and security of the guests. During the trekking in the high altitude in the high mountains, the field staff trekking with you do possess good knowledge of Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS) and professional training regarding the Wilderness First Aid Responder.

With experience and training in the high mountains, our field staff will get you to the final destination as per the customized itinerary.

In addition, Blue Lake Adventure carries out mesmerizing packages to our customers, those who are keenly waiting to explore the high altitude of mountains in Nepal. The best trekking agency in Kathmandu, which has been trusted by huge numbers of customers and trekkers to arrange their Tour and trek with us.