Trip Duration 3 Days
Group Size 1-30
Maximum Altitude 2.375m
Difficulty Grade Easy
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Best Seasons Spring & Autumn
325 US$ Per Person Group Discounts Available
1 pax. US$ 325
2-4 pax. US$ 215
5-8 pax. US$ 175
9-12 pax. US$ 160
13-15 pax. US$ 150
Over 16 pax. US$ 140

Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail Highlights

  • Breathtaking sunrise views over Himalayan mountain ranges, including the towering peaks of Mt. Everest, Annapurna, etc.
  • Exploring Nagarkot, a charming hill station located at an elevation of 2,195 meters (7,201 feet)
  • Hike through lush forests, picturesque Tamang Villages, and terraced fields
  • Interaction with locals, visiting traditional Nepali villages and learning about the cultural values
  • Enjoying the delicious Nepali cuisine in the lodges and hotels
  • Having views of mountain ranges and Kathmandu Valley from Nagarkot View Point

Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail

Are you looking for a short hike in Nepal? With Blue Lake Adventure, you can get the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail, which can be completed in just 3 days. The best thing about this hike is that it is a short yet exciting journey that offers stunning sunrise views, mountain views, and cultural encounters.

Nestled at the lap of the Himalayas, Nagarkot is one of the best viewpoints to have panoramic views of mountain ranges, including iconic peaks like Mt. Everest (8848.86m), Lhotse (8,516m), Makalu (8,485m), Cho Oyu (8,188m), Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Manaslu (8,163m), Annapurna I (8,091m), Langtang Lirung (7,246m), Ganesh Himal (7,429m), Dorje Lakpa (6,990m), and Gauri Sankhar (7,134m).

This trek takes you through the serene forests, picturesque villages, and stunning mountain ranges. You will be able to have delightful views while hiking with the best atmosphere around.

What to Expect from the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail?

Whether you are a hiking enthusiast or looking for the best time with the nature of Nepal, Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail offers you the best hiking journey within a short time.

Nagarkot is best known for its sunrise and sunset views, as it offers the best viewpoint to watch the views among the mountain ranges. From there, you can also have clear views of Kathmandu Valley and the crowded houses.

Breathtaking Sunrise/Sunset Views

Beautiful Sunrise View from Nagarkot Viewpoint

Nagarkot, widely known for its best viewpoint for sunrise and sunset, is a major attraction to both foreigners and locals. Under a suitable climate and clear skies, you can have the best views of sunrise and sunset.

The best point to enjoy the views is from Nagarkot View Tower, which offers stunning, clear sunrise and sunset views. Not just the views; you can also have panoramic views of the Himalayas as well as Kathmandu Valley below.

At peak time, the view tower is crowded, so for better views, you can enjoy it from the hotel balcony or any other viewpoint nearby. As Nagarkot is situated on a hilltop, you will find several locations to enjoy the views.

Beautiful Sunset from Nagarkot Viewpoint

With the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail, you can experience the view of the first sun kissing the snow-capped mountain peak. Also, the view is truly magical, offering you the best memory of hiking to Nagarkot.

Terrains and Scenic Landscapes

Nepal is beautiful with its diverse landscapes and beautiful terrain. With the Nagarkot trek, you will experience trekking in the scenic landscapes of Nepal. This trek takes you through dense pine forests, terraced fields, and bamboo groves.

Lush Landscapes of Nagarkot with beautiful picturesque villages

You will have the best experience of hiking with these stunning views of Nepal’s rich natural beauty. In addition, hiking through the open meadows, charming villages, and suspension bridges is completely joyful.

The Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail offers the best experience of hiking on the terrain and scenic landscapes. The trekking trail can be difficult as we are required to walk on steep roadways.

Cultural Immersion

Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail helps you explore more of the cultural values of different communities living in the place. This hike won’t just offer you the never-forgetting scenery but will also offer you several opportunities to learn more about why Nepal is well-known for its cultural values.

The warm welcome and hospitality of the Tamang community living in Nagarkot is one of the best feelings you can have on this trek. While staying longer with the people, you will be able to learn more about their lifestyle and daily activities.

Local village women from Nagarkot Nepal resting with basket of grass

Other than that, you can engage in conversation and try the local Nepali cuisine, which will provide you with insight into the daily lives of the people. Nevertheless, the way you will encounter the cultural values in this hike will make you remember more about trekking to Nagarkot.

Photographer’s Paradise

Together with hiking, if you are passionate about photography, then the Nagarkot Chisapani Trek is a dream come true. Throughout the trek, you will get different opportunities to click photographs that you can keep as a memory.

The wide range of flora and fauna will create photography opportunities. Not to forget the picturesque villages and the people in traditional dress; you can click on pictures of them too.

In addition, the lush forest and vibrant landscapes are beautiful scenes to take great photographs of. As you will see different stunning mountain views, you can click on the pictures while enjoying the trek.

Ideal for All Trekkers

Whether you are a trekker with no trekking skills and haven’t done trekking in Nepal or an experienced trekker, this trek is ideal for everyone. This short trek of 3 days requires trekking for 5–6 hours a day. Also, it requires a basic fitness level to walk for hours at a normal pace.

The Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trails are the best fit for trekkers of every skill level. If you want to enjoy trekking on the landscapes of Nepal even without any experience, then Blue Lake Adventure introduces you to Nagarkot Chisapani Trek. Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail is also called Nagarkot Chisapani Trek, as the route follows the Chisapani route to Nagarkot.

This trek, ideal for all trekkers, makes it the best fit for groups or individuals who are looking for an adventure that’s both rewarding and approachable.

Why Blue Lake Adventure for Nagarkot Chisapani Trek?

Blue Lake Adventure is the official website of the government-registered company Blue Lake Travels & Tours (P.) Ltd., which has been offering different trekking and tour packages for more than 10 years. With us, you can get the best experience of trekking in the landscapes of Nepal.

Are you ready to trek to Nagarkot? Let Blue Lake Adventure serve you the best package for the Nagarkot Chisapani Trek, which will provide you with a lifetime experience.

Skilled and experienced local Guides

We have skilled, experienced, and government-licensed trekking guides for the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail who will assist you throughout the trek. They have years of experience trekking and guiding through the landscapes of Nepal.

For the Chispani Nagarkot Trek, we especially have local trekking guides who are well-known about the routes, climate, and destinations from which you can enjoy the views of Nepal’s beauty.

The best thing about our guides is that they are super friendly and can talk better in English. With this, they won’t just communicate with you; they will also help you communicate with the locals. Our guides will be more of a companion than just guides, as they will be a part of the trekking while helping you with everything possible.

Safety Measures

Throughout the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail, our expert guides, who are well-trained for emergency medical assistance, will help you with any medical emergencies. We will be equipped with quality first-aid kits so that we can take swift action if anything unusual occurs.

We will take safe routes during the trek and will take frequent breaks to rest our bodies properly. Also, we will have a proper, healthy breakfast before embarking on the trek so that we can get enough stamina to hike for hours.

Transportation and Logistics

On this Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail, we are required to take a drive of 1.5 hours from Kathmandu to Sundarijal. The cost of transportation is included in this package, and we provide private car transportation to prioritize the comfort of our clients.

The drivers are well-skilled and well-known about the route, so it will be an easy and comfortable drive to reach Sundarijal.

The car is well-maintained with a properly functioning engine that will move efficiently even on the uphills. Also, the driver is friendly and will explain to you about the views and places we encounter on the route.

Pre-Trek Preparation

Blue Lake Adventure offers you an exclusive pre-trek preparation session where we will assist you with the required trekking gear, fitness level, and general information that will help you have a better experience in trekking.

We will have discussions on the itineraries, things to do and not do during the trek, cultural insights, and packing lists you will need for the trek.

In addition, if you are not well-versed in how to get trekking gear, Blue Lake Adventure’s representative will help you get the necessary gear.

Competitive Price

Blue Lake Adventure primarily focuses on quality services rather than cost. For the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail, we offer you the best price that is competitive in comparison to other trek operators.

Inclusive of all services like a guide, porter, accommodation, meals, transportation, permits, etc., we provide you with the best price for this trek.

Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail Cost by Blue Lake Adventure

Group SizeCost in USD
1 Pax.US$ 325
2-4 Pax.US$ 215
5-8 Pax.US$ 175
9-12 Pax.US$ 160
13-15 Pax.US$ 150
Over 16 Pax.US$ 140

This cost is inclusive of all the includes mentioned in the Includes/Excludes section. We also offer customized itineraries; for that, contact us on WhatsApp at +977 9851076943 or mail us at!

Itinerary of Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail – 3 Days

We will start our hiking journey from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. In the morning, at around 9 AM, we will pick you up from your hotel. We request you get ready with the required trekking gear, necessary documents, and breakfast, as it is not included in the package.

The drive will be in a private car where you will have enough space to be comfortable. With almost 1.5 hours of drive from Kathmandu, we will reach Sundarijal. The route is well-maintained and easy so that we won’t have any difficulty. During the drive, you will have beautiful views of mountains, forests and villages.

After reaching Sundarijal, our hiking will begin. We will hike for around 6-7 hours to reach Chisapani from Sundarijal. Our local guide will assist you in trekking through the landscapes of Nepal, and on the way, he will explain the scenes we encounter.

The trek from Sundarijal to Chisapani is a popular day hike in Nepal. During the trek, you will hike through Shivapuri National Park, which is home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, deer, and leopards.

At first, you will have a gradual ascent through the forest. On moving ahead, you will get a beautiful view of the Kathmandu Valley. This trek is easy and the best option for beginners to practice trekking in Nepal.

After trekking for hours, we will reach Indrapuri Watershed, which offers a beautiful view of the waterfall and a reservoir. Here, we will take a rest and enjoy the scenery. We will then have our lunch at around 12 PM – 1 PM. We will then continue our hike to Chisapani. This section is steeper but manageable.

After trekking for hours, we will then reach Chisapani. Chisapani (2,160m) is a small village popular for hiking and camping. We will then get a lodge and spend our overnight. During the night, we will enjoy our delicious Dal Bhaat at the lodge.

Transportation 1.5 Hours Drive & 6-7 Hours Hike
Accommodation Lodge
Meals Lunch
Altitude 2,375m

Today, after having breakfast, we will start our trek at around 8-9 AM. The trek from Nagarkot to Chisapani is even more fascinating as we get closer to the Himalayas. You will be offered stunning mountain views, lush forests and picturesque villages.

During the trek, you will encounter several local people. You can also be involved in communication with them with the help of our guides.

You will have insights into the beautiful Mt. Everest mountain peak, which is the tallest peak in the World. Having the views of iconic mountain peaks like Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, etc., on the way is absolutely mesmerizing.

Beautiful mountain ranges view while hiking from Chisapani to Nagarkot during Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail

Enjoy the stunning views, hike in the mild temperature, and communicate with the natives; we will finally reach Nagarkot. Nagarkot offers delightful views of the Kathmandu valley below and stunning panoramic views of the mountains.

In the evening, we will enjoy the beautiful sunset views. The view of the Himalayas and valley with the sunset is truly adorable. They are unexplained in words and can be experienced only at that time.

We will then spend our night at a 3-star tourist standard hotel that offers better services like a hot shower, better views, and a single bed with an attached bathroom. In the hotel, we will enjoy the delicious Nepali cuisine.

Trekking 6-7 Hours
Accommodation Hotel (Tourist Standard)
Meals Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Altitude 2,195m

In order to have a view of the sunrise, today we will wake up early in the morning at around 5-6 AM. (The sunrise time varies according to season; in winter, we can have the view at 6-7 AM.)

We will then have the view of a beautiful sunrise from the Nagarkot View Point, which offers a magnificent view of mountain ranges like Langtang, Ganesh Himal and Mt. Everest.

With the view, we will take photographs together. Our guide will also assist you in taking photographs. Those photographs will be a memory of trekking on the landscapes of Nepal.

After watching the sunrise view, we will head back to our Hotel, where we can enjoy our breakfast with the view. You will have an amazing time watching the sunrise while enjoying the breakfast.

We will then pack our belongings and start our hike to Changunarayan, Bhaktapur. The hike will be 4-5 hours, and the trail passes through different Tamang villages, pine forests, and along the ridge lines with stunning views of Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayas.

Following the trail, you will reach the village of Telkot. Telkot village has a few shops and restaurants where we can have our lunch. After enjoying lunch, we will continue our Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail to reach Changunarayan.

Changunarayan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located at Bhaktapur. It is also one of the oldest temples in Nepal. On reaching Changunarayan, we will have sightseeing nearby.

We will then pick you up by private car and drop you to your hotel.

Transportation 4-5 Hours Hike
Meals Breakfast, Lunch
Altitude 1,400m

Included/Excluded in Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail Package

What's Included?
  • Private Car Transportation from Kathmandu to Sundarijal
  • Experienced & Skilled Trekking Guide
  • Three Course Meals in Nagarkot (2nd Day)
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Lodge and Hotel Accommodation
  • Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park Entrance Fee
  • Private car transportation from Changunarayan to Kathmandu
  • All Government Taxes and Service Charges
What's Excluded?
  • Additional Meals and Beverages (Soft drinks/hard drinks)
  • Dinner in Kathmandu
  • Hotel Accommodation in Kathmandu
  • Nepal Visa (Can be obtained easily from Tribhuvan International Airport)

Additional Necessary Information

If you are considering having the Nagarkot Panoramic Hike, then you should know these things that will make your hike even better.

Best Time to Have Nagarkot Panorama Hike

Although Autumn (September to November) and Spring (March to May) are the best seasons to have Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail, it can be done throughout the year. It is short and easy, so the trail is accessible year-round.

Autumn (September to November): Autumn is considered the best time to have the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail. It is because the weather in this season is stable and clear, with clear skies offering the best Himalayas views. With the clear skies, you will get better views of the mountain ranges, Kathmandu Valley and sunrise in Nagarkot.

In addition, the temperature is mild and suitable for hiking in the landscapes of Nepal. This season has almost zero chances of getting rainfall, so you can hike easily without worrying about the rainfall.

In this season, you can expect crisp mornings warm and sunny days. Also, the lush greenery of surrounding hills and valleys makes the scenes even more beautiful, adding more beauty to the trek.

Spring (March to May): Spring is another best time for trekking to Nagarkot. During the season, you can expect clear skies with beautiful views of mountain peaks, including Langtang, Mt. Everest, and Ganesh Himal.

The weather is mild, and the hills come alive with colourful rhododendrons blooms, making the landscapes even more enchanting. The temperature is comfortable for hiking on the day, but the nights may still be chilly.

Although autumn and spring are the best seasons to have Chisapani Nagarkot Trek, these seasons usually have busy routes. As this hike is easy and short, you can consider having it in the winter and summer seasons.

Winter (December to February) in Nagarkot can be quite cold, especially in the early morning and at night. The days are generally clear and sunny, but the visibility of the mountains can be variable due to haze and fog.

Whereas in Monsoon (June to August), there is a high possibility of getting heavy rainfall, which makes hiking in Nagarkot more challenging. The trails can be muddy, slippery, and less safe. It is not recommended, but by choosing an ideal date with no rainfall, you can have this trek in this season.

Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail Difficulty

Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail is generally considered to be of moderate difficulty. It is accessible to a wide range of hikers, from beginners with little hiking experience to more seasoned trekkers.

The main difficulty lies within the terrain, fitness level, and trail conditions. The trail primarily consists of well-marked paths, dirt roads, and sometimes stone-paved sections. It is not overly steep, and the elevation gain is gradual. The terrain is generally manageable for most hikers.

The Chisapani Nagarkot Hike requires a better fitness level as we have to trek for 5-6 hours a day. If you can hike normally for 5-6 hours on average at a normal pace, then you can have this trek easily.

Also, during the peak seasons, the routes are often busy, and the viewpoints are crowded. Because of this, it can be difficult to have proper views from the viewpoint. If you book the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail package with Blue Lake Adventure, then you can get better services, including better views throughout the hike.

Equipment and Packing List

It is important to have better equipment and packing while having the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail. Here are some recommendations by Blue Lake Adventure:


  1. Moisture-wicking base layers (Lightweight, breathable fabrics)
  2. Insulating layers (Fleece or lightweight)
  3. Waterproof and windproof jacket
  4. Hiking pants
  5. Trekking shorts
  6. Long-sleeved shirts
  7. T-shirts
  8. Underwear and socks
  9. Hiking boots
  10. Sandals or camp shoes


  1. Hat (For sun protection)
  2. Sunglasses (UV Protection)
  3. Backpack
  4. Daypack (For essentials, water, snacks)

Personal Items

  1. Water bottle (reusable with purification system)
  2. Phone and charger
  3. First aid kit
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Insect repellent
  6. Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, biodegradable soap, personal hygiene items)
  7. Towel (Compact, quick-drying)
  8. Passport, Visa, Cash (Nepali rupees)

Nepal Visa

If you are travelling to Nepal, then you are required to have a Nepal visa after landing in Nepal. Except for Indians, everyone is required to get a Nepal visa, which is easily available at Tribhuvan International Airport.

The cost of a Nepal Visa varies with the days you will stay in Nepal. It costs US$ 30 for 15 Days, US$ 50 for 30 Days, and US$ 125 for 90 Days.

The Department of Immigration of Nepal has some rules for different countries where they are required to acquire a Visa prior to their arrival from their nearby Diplomatic missions (Embassy/Consulates) of Nepal Government. To check which countries the Immigration Department has mentioned, you can visit the official website.

Online Booking with Blue Lake Adventure

Getting the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail package is easier with Blue Lake Adventure, as you can directly book it with online booking. You can visit the section of the booking, and you can have a hassle-free booking.

While booking the package online, you are required to pay 10% of the total cost as advance payment. You can pay the amount with your card directly, so you don’t need to rush to the nearby bank to pay the amount.

In case you aren’t able to pay it with cash, then you can also transfer the amount from Western Union. After online booking, you are requested to send us an email at with your passport copy, passport-size photo, and arrival date in Kathmandu.

The rest of the amount for the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail can be paid after landing in Nepal. You can either pay it with cash or transfer it with the Western Union. We also accept card payments.

Final Say on Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail

Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail is a short yet exciting hike in Nepal that offers the best sunrise/sunset views and panoramic views of mountain ranges and Kathmandu Valley.

Best fit for every level of trekkers, this trek can be easily done with a basic fitness level.

Since this hike is less difficult and offers stunning views, it is popular among foreigners and locals. With Blue Lake Adventure, you can have this hike throughout the year as we provide you with the best itinerary.

The best thing about getting the package with Blue Lake Adventure is that you will get quality services at a competitive price. Book your Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail with Blue Lake Adventure today and explore the natural beauty of Nepal while hiking to Nagarkot.

Join us as a guest and be a part of the family. Thank you for choosing us as your hiking companion in Nepal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Nagarkot is located in Bhaktapur District, Nepal. The area Nagarkot lies is called Changunaryan, and it offers stunning views of the natural beauty of Nepal.

Ans: The length of the trail can vary depending on the specific route you choose. Whereas if you are hiking on the route starting from Kathmandu to Sundarijal, Sundarijal to Chisapani, Chisapani to Nagarkot and Nagarkot to Kathmandu, then it takes 3 days to complete the overall trek.

Ans: The best time to visit Nagarkot for hiking is in Autumn (September to November) and Spring (March to May). These seasons are the peak seasons because you can have the best view of mountain ranges with clear skies and stunning sunrise views, and the weather is stable, offering mild temperatures during the day. For hiking, these seasons are best, with stunning views and mild temperatures.

Ans: Yes, the trail is suitable for every level of trekkers, including beginners. As the difficulty lies only during the hiking time, anyone who can hike for 5-6 hours a day on average at a normal pace can easily have this trek.

Ans: Yes, on clear days, you can have views of the majestic mountain peak Mt. Everest with other prominent mountain peaks from Nagarkot, especially during sunrise.

Ans: No, there is no special permit required for the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail. But remember that the trail is located in a National park, so there is a small entrance fee.

Ans: The Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail is a relatively safe trail to hike. However, these things should be considered to avoid any difficulties:

  • The trail can be slippery during the wet weather.
  • There are some steep sections on the trail, so it is important to be careful.
  • There are some wild animals in the area, so it is important to be aware of the surroundings.

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Group Discount
Duration: 3 Days
1 pax. US$ 325
2-4 pax. US$ 215
5-8 pax. US$ 175
9-12 pax. US$ 160
13-15 pax. US$ 150
Over 16 pax. US$ 140