Trip Duration 1 Day
Group Size 1-35
Maximum Altitude 200m
Difficulty Grade Easy
Start & End Point Kathmandu-Chitwan
Best Seasons Sep- Dec , Mar- May
Group Discounts Available
1 pax. US$ 850
2-4 pax. US$ 800
5-8 pax. US$ 790
9-12 pax. US$ 750

Highlights Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket

  • Comfortable folding seat
  • Includes a mineral water bottle
  • Experienced and licensed drivers and staff members
  • Clean and Tidy environment inside the Bus,
  • Entertainment facilities
  • First Aid Treatment
  • The facility of Luggage while traveling

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Service

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket service has been a digital service in the modern world. Travelers willing to explore the Chitwan National Park and witness the endangered wildlife animals found in the Chitwan, Sauraha.

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus departs from the Sorakhutte, Kathmandu. The Station is near the Thamel-which is the main tourist hub center within the Kathmandu Valley. It will be easier for you to catch up with the Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus from the Thamel.

The Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus departs in different time zones, one at 7:00 AM and one after half an hour. The passengers need to be at the bus station before the 15/20 minutes departure period of time.

The Tourist Bus follows the route of Sorakhutte-Balaju-Swayambhu-Kalanki-Thankot-Malekhu-Mugling Narayanghat-Sauraha. Along the drive to the Chitwan from the Kathmandu valley you will experience the beautiful panoramic views of the hills and the natural beauty.

The distance between Kathmandu and Chitwan is around 160 KM, which takes 5-6 hours of Bus drive to be covered. During the bus ride, you will get the comfortable 2/2 folding seat with the air conditioner and a bottle of mineral water included on your Tourist Bus Ticket.

The Tourist Bus operating from Kathmandu to Chitwan is usually 35 seater, which provides the full baggage of each passenger to transport from one destination to another.

Along the way to Chitwan from the Kathmandu Valley, you may also visit the Manakamana Temple. The Manakamana Temple is the temple of goddess Bhagwati – incarnation of Parvati which is situated on the top hill of Gorkha district.

The Manakamana Temple is known as the temple of fulfilling the wishes, where all the wishes of the devotees are granted via the Goddess Bhagawati-the incarnation of Parvati.

In addition, you will also get to experience the white water rafting Trsihuli River along the drive to Chitwan from the capital city-Kathmandu. Rafting in the Trishuli River is a popular rafting adventure in Nepal among all adventure lovers.

Chitwan is the best destination for leisure and recreational activities in the Terai belt of Nepal. You will get to experience the jungle safari, canoeing, Elephant Breeding Center, and also the jeep safari as well.

Blue Lake Adventure also takes full responsibility for arranging the Chitwan Tour package and many more for all our beloved customers willing to explore each corner of Nepal.

In conclusion, Traveling to the destination from Kathmandu to Chitwan via the Tourist Bus is more reliable and comfortable as to covers the roads of Nepal. Where the driver will be more experienced with a government-authorized driving license and well knowledge of the terrains and the geography of Nepal.

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket Cost

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket, fare/cost varies on various factors. While the price of oil mainly affects the cost and fare of the Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket.

While planning to travel from Kathmandu to Chitwan for leisure, pleasure, and different activities in Chitwan. The following cost and the Tourist Bus fare are applicable to each person:

Cost/FareCost Per Person (Nepali Rupees)
KTM-CHT (Super Deluxe  Tourist Bus)NPR 850/-
KTM-CHT (Toyota Coaster Bus)NPR 1000/-

Timing-Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus departs from the new bus park-Balaju, Kathmandu at different times. However, you may choose the mode of transport as per your own preferences and requirements.

The traveler traveling to Chitwan needs to be at the Bus station in Kathmandu before  20/15 minutes of departure.

Type of BusFare(NPR)Departure Time Leaving Station
Super Deluxe  Tourist BusNPR 850/-7:00 AM Sorakhutte
Toyota Coaster BusNPR 1000/-7:30 AM Sorakhutte

Facilities-Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket

Everyone traveling to a new destination prefers the good and comfortable bus seat available as the amount they have been paid. We offer more facilities and a far better way to cover the destination.

During your drive to Chitwan in a Deluxe Bus, you will have full access to a speed Wi-Fi connection to communicate and talk with your loved and dear ones. In addition to this we also pro

Tourist Bus Type(KTM-CHT)Facilities Included
Deluxe Tourist Bus Wi-Fi, a bottle of Mineral water, and an Air conditioner
Super Deluxe Tourist BusSmall private Fan, Bottle of Mineral water, comfortable folding seats, and Air conditioner 

Chitwan To Kathmandu Tourist Bus Ticket-Time

Chitwan To Kathmandu Tourist Bus leaves at different time periods you may choose as per your own requirements and needs. Though, the Tourist bus leaving for the Kathmandu Valley also follows the same route that you have traveled

The Tourist bus departs at the time scheduled from the Sauraha Bus Park. While the traveler needs to be present 15/20 minutes before the departure from the station in Chitwan.

In addition, the traveler may also contact the Tourist Bus staff and the Bus counter as they will be catching the bus from a certain location. While getting the Tourist bus ticket in advance.

With the proper communication between the staff and the passenger, willingness to travel from one destination to another will avoid delays on the journey to the capital city from Chitwan.

Type of BusFare(NPR)Departure Time Leaving Station
Super Deluxe  Tourist BusNPR 850/-7:00 AM Sauraha Bus Park
Toyota Coaster BusNPR 1000/-7:30 AM Sauraha Bus Park

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Lunch Stop

While traveling on a Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus, it stops twice a spot. In the first phase, covering a distance of 25-30 KM. The Bus stops for a tea/coffee break. In the meantime, you may use the washroom and enjoy the tea coffee.

While on the second spot, it stops for half an hour, as for the lunch break. You may enjoy delicious food near the river bank of the Trishuli River. Usually, our lunch spot will be near the Malekhu-which is more famous for the local fish and fruits.

The bus stops in a clean and hygienic restaurant with a good view of the Trishuli River. You may enjoy the river beach for a few minutes at a time while it does not stop for more hours for only one passenger.

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Route

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus departs from the Sorakhutte, near the Thamel which is also known as the Tourist Hub center in Nepal. Though, if you are staying in Thamel, you may walk for a few minutes and catch a tourist bus to Chitwan from the capital city-Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus leaves the starting point of Sorkhuatee at 7:00 AM in the morning. The Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus follows the route of Sorakhutte-Balaju-Banasthali-Swayambhu-Kalanki-Thankot-Naubishe-Ghaatbesi-Malekhu-Muging-Narayanghat-Hakim Chowk-Sauraha.

While traveling to Chitwan, you may catch a Tourist Bus from the above-mentioned route as per your preference and comfort. We will be covering the distance of 160 KM from the capital city to the terai belt of Nepal-Chitwan Sauraha.

Baggage and Luggage Facilities

While traveling to Chitwan on a Tourist Bus, you will get full access to the Luggage facilities on the Tourist Bus with full safety and security on board. There won’t be any restrictions on carrying your luggage with us. We will make sure that all your luggage reaches the final destination.

Reservation and Booking Procedure

Planning to travel to the UNESCO heritage site Chitwan National Park. Where you can explore the natural beauty and spend quality time with your loved and dear ones in Chitwan and Sauraha.

The Chitwan is known for the cultural aspects-for the Tharu cultural show and the endangered animals found within the National Park.

For the booking procedure of the Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket, you are welcome to visit us at our office (Blue Lake Adventure) in Z, Street, Thamel.

We may get to know each other face to face and get all the procedures of the tourist bus to Chitwan will be done in a minute, while enjoying a cup of coffee with each other.

On the other hand, if you lack time, then you may connect with us directly through social media platforms such as WhatsApp/Viber and the email following:

WhatsApp/Viber:+977 985-1076943

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket

At the time, the cheapest fare from Kathmandu to Chitwan is NPR 800 per person, on which you will get a free mineral water bottle.

Usually,it takes around 5-6 hours to drive from Kathmandu to reach Chitwan.

While you select the seat on your own preference you need to make a proper booking and reservation in advance.

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Group Discount
Duration: 1 Day
1 pax. US$ 850
2-4 pax. US$ 800
5-8 pax. US$ 790
9-12 pax. US$ 750