Trip Duration 1 Day
Group Size 1-15
Maximum Altitude 640m
Difficulty Grade Challenging
Start & End Point Kathmandu- Kathmandu
Best Seasons March-Jun, Sep- Dec

Highlights Bungee Jump In Bhotekoshi

  • The Bhotekoshi bungee jump is easily accessible from the Kathmandu Valley and it takes 3-4 hours of drive from the Kathmandu Valley,
  • The Bungee Jump from the suspension bridge of Bhote Koshi River is 160M, making you feel the free fall while jumping,
  • The thrilling experience of free fall as till the rope stretches itself,
  • Experience/explore the stunning views of the Bhotekoshi River and the mountains while jumping,
  • The perfect destination to spend with loved and dear ones,
  • The ideal way to get rid of fear and heights,
  • Experience the rapidly flowing river of Nepal
  • Explore and experience the white river for rafting

Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi

The bungee jump in Bhotekoshi is the most thrilling adventure activity for all outdoor lovers who wish to explore and experience the next level of adventure in the Bhotekoshi River gorge.

The Bhote Koshi River is located in the Sindhupalchowk district and is easily accessible by road transport. To reach the destination, you need to drive for 3-4 hours from the capital city – Kathmandu. The Bhotekoshi bungee jump is near the Tibetan border and is 160 km from the capital city – Kathmandu.

The suspension bridge(jump spot) is just above the Bhotekoshi River gorge which is very popular for white water rafting. White water rafting in Bhote Koshi River is the best destination among youngsters all around the world.

Before the Jump, the safety rules and the regulations were more strictly instructed by the bungee professional in the field. You will be briefed more in detail about the Bungee technique and the jumping procedure.

Bungee Jump takes you to experience the free fall for a few seconds and also witness the beautiful views of the mountains and the beautiful hills.

To grab the package you need to book with registered travel agencies such as the Blue Lake Adventure and many more which provide you with a wonderful package.

You will be going to the destination through the roadways in the early morning with a bus around 6 AM. Will be enjoying the beautiful mountain views and will stop in a few spots for tea and reach the destination for a bungee jump. Will complete the jump and again return back to Ktm with a bus on the same day.

Itinerary of Bungee Jump In Bhotekoshi – The Bhote Koshi

The bus leaves at 5:45 Am from the Sagarmatha Bazaar, Mandala Street. The bus will stop on the way to the resort for the toilet at the same time you can have breakfast yourself. Your Lunch will be provided at The Last Resort. After the activity, the bus will leave at 4:00 pm. you will reach Kathmandu around 8:00 Pm.

Transportation Bus, Actives 14 Hours
Accommodation None
Meals Lunch
Altitude 800m

Cost Included in Bungee Jump In Bhotekoshi

What's Included?
  • Kathmandu- Bungee- Kathmandu Round trip by Bus
  • Lunch
  • Bungee Jump
  • Government tax
  • Service Charge
What's Excluded?
  • Photo & Video
  • International Ticket
  • Personal Expenses

Cost for Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi

The Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump prices vary depending on the different seasons and many factors. Such as the availability, the time of travel, booking and reservation office and more.

The following are the approximate price details, as to experience the bungee jump in Bhote Koshi in Nepal:

  • Standard Price: The best price for all outdoor lovers ranges from USD 75-85 per person. This price includes the bungee jump and the transportation from the Thamel and drops off to Thamel with a beautiful delicious meal in the last resort.
  • Discounted Price: The discounted price for the Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi is widely offered for students, a huge number of groups with a discount percentage of 10,20 and also 50% depending on the company. While booking the reservations.
  • Peak season price: The Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi price will rise high during the peak season which falls in the months of September to November and March To May. During the peak season the price ranges from USD 100-120 per person.
  • Off-season Price: The Bhotekosi bungee jump costs during the off-season with less demand for bungee. The price will be USD 70 Per person.

Safety, Rules, and Regulations

The Bungee Jump in the Bhotekoshi River is the most popular adventure activity in Nepal which has been operated by the Last Resort. The Bungee jump spot is located in the Sindupalchowk district of Nepal. It is widely accessible to reach the bungee destination.

As for the safety of the Bungee Jumper(participants), the following safety rules and regulations should be followed:

Weight Limit

As before the jump, your weight will be measured as per the official documentation. The Minimum weight for the client willing to jump is 40 Kg and a maximum of 100 Kg.

  • Medical check:
    The medical team will check your whole body to prepare for the most thrilling adventure in the Bhote Koshi River of Nepal. You will be asked whether to take any medicine for sugar, high blood pressure and many more. The medical team will consult and decide whether to grant a jump or not in the field.
  • Equipment:
    The equipment being used for the bungee jump in the Bhotekoshi River in Nepal is very proper with the weight lifting capacity. The equipment is very comfortable to use, which will be used for the Bungee.
  • Training:
    Before heading towards the Jumping destination, certain training about the technique to jump from the suspension bridge of 160M will be directed to you by the qualified instructors.
  • Briefing:
    The proper briefing will be given to you, before moving towards the suspension bridge for the Bunjee Jump. The briefing topic includes all the details about the jumping technique, and dos and don’ts during the jump.

Best Time to Jump-Bungee Jump In Bhotekoshi

The Bhotekoshi River is most popular for the Bungee Jump and rafting purposes in Nepal. All outdoor lovers from all round the world can enjoy the adventure and thrilling experience in Nepal.

For the Bungee Jump, you may explore and experience it all around the year in Nepal. The best season to jump and experience is considered the Autumn and Spring seasons.

Autumn Season (September to November)

The autumn season, which lasts from September to November, is considered the best time for Bungee Jumping in Bhote Koshi, Nepal.

During this season, travelers and trekkers will enjoy the snug and pleasant weather, blue skies, and close-up views of the mountains and enchanting vistas of the hills.

Also, because it is trekking season in Nepal, you can go hiking in the Himalayas with your teammates and explore every nook and cranny of the city.

Spring (March to May)

The spring season in Nepal, which lasts from March to May, is the finest time for mountaineers to go on expeditions.

As well as exploring the bungee leap with loved and dear ones with special time and spending quality time with dear ones in Nepal.

The weather will be clear, with beautiful mountain views, and the landscape will be lush with green forest, featuring blooming flowers and the different species of flora and fauna found in the Bhotekoshi region.

Why Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi?

Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump is located in the Sindupalchowk district of Nepal which is only 3-4 hours of drive from the Kathmandu valley. As being near location to the Kathmandu Valley, trekkers, and outdoor lovers can easily be accessible to reach the Bungee jump in the Bhotekoshi River.

The Bungee jump in Bhotekoshi River is operated by The Last Resort which welcomes you with warm hospitality and accommodates you with luxury during your whole trip. The most typical cuisine with organic vegetables will be served to all the teammates.

In addition, the Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi is an ideal place for outdoor lovers who wish to explore jumping and on the other hand conquer white water rafting in the Bhote Koshi River.

Booking and Reservations-Bungee Jump In Bhotekoshi

When it comes to booking and reservations for bungee jumping in Nepal, you can reach out to us via the official website and social media platforms. For example, Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp.

In order to make a reservation for the bungee jump in Bhotekoshi, you may also visit us physically at our office(Blue Lake Adventure)and recommend which is located on Z Street in Thamel, Kathmandu.

We may consult about the details and also the customized itinerary and work on all the details about the Bungee jump in the BHotekoshi River.

Our staff members are available at all times to help you with the booking process for the Bungee jump in Bhotekoshi, Nepal. Regarding digital booking and reservations, write to us at:

Whatsapp/Viber: +977-9851076943

Bungee Jump In Bhotekoshi

Bhotekoshi River is located in the Sindupalchowk district of Nepal and it takes around 3-4 hours to drive from the capital city-Kathmandu.

The Bhote Koshi river is white water rafting river and the level of grades mainly depends upon the season and the weather. While during the Monsoon the level of the river keeps on rising rapidly.

The best time to do Bungee in the Bhotekoshi River is from September to October, as the weather will be more cozy and clear skies. Also, you can join in for the bungee all around the year.

During your trip to Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump, there are luxurious hotels and the resort has to accommodate you well

Rafting in Bhote Koshi is more adventurous, while it is doable to raft but you need to prepare with experienced instructors and guides.

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